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United States, Canada, UL specifications

Export of products in the United States and Canada to enforce electromagnetic compatibility requirements FCC certification. Safety requirements for lighting products are the main UL153, ​​UL1598 two mandatory documents.
UL Specifications The main features of the product:
1) The voltage is AC120V 60HZ;
2) portable lamps with UL certification mark, the size of the pin flat flat insulated power cord;
3) fixed lamps must have grounding measures. Ground with yellow-green line or bare copper wire.
4) Use UL certified electrical parts such as lamp cap, wire, plug wire.
5) labels that conform to both English and French documents in accordance with UL documents.
6) as far as possible the use of the whole package shipping.
(4) SAA specifications
SAA certification system, at the same time the implementation of EMC requirements, Australia C-Tick for electronic products EMC certification requirements of the national standard certification mark. At this stage, SAA has adopted the IEC system standard.
SAA specifications products and EN specifications of the main differences between products:
1) The voltage is AC240V 50HZ;
2) the use of eight characters feet or three feet eight word flat plug;
3) using SAA certified round wire;
Note: SAA-certified products can only use the electrical parts listed on the CDF.
(5) Hong Kong HK specifications
Requirements of the lamp, wire, plug to have VDE SEMKO TQM certification, the whole lamp according to EN60598 standard test report
And signed a declaration of conformity to sell. Voltage AC220V 50HZ, BS size plug. EMC requirements are not currently enforced.
(6) Japanese JIS specifications
Japan’s DENTORL law (electrical equipment and materials control law) provides that 498 kinds of products into the Japanese market must pass safety certification. Among them, 165 kinds of A-type products should be made T-MARK certification, 333 kinds of B-type products should be made S-MARK certification.

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Lamps that use light or civilian or household products belong to Class B products and are required to be manufactured in accordance with JIS standards. From April 1, 2001, the Electrical Equipment and Materials Control Act (“DENTORL”) has been officially renamed “Electrical Product Safety Act (DENAN)”. Different from the previous regulatory system of the provisions of the control, the new system will be non-official institutions to ensure product safety. The original T logo and other signs are no longer used, replaced by PSE certification and logo.
Class A designated electrical equipment and materials must be subject to third-party certification approved by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan. Under the DENAN Act, the manufacturer is obliged to keep the test results and proof that the label must have a diamond-shaped PSE mark.
Class B designated electrical equipment and materials must be certified by a third party certification body approved by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan. Under the DENAN Act, the manufacturer is obliged to keep the test results and proof that the label must have a circular PSE mark.
Japan grid voltage AC100V 50HZ 60HZ. Electrical components to use mandatory PSE certification. Can be considered in accordance with UL standards for production, testing. Plugs commonly used double flat feet straight, no polarity distinction.
(7) South Africa SABS specifications
Using IEC60598 system standards,
(A) the grid voltage is AC220V ~ 250V50Hz;
(B) plug for South Africa three round feet plug;
(C) EMC requirements for electronic products.
(8) BS (UK) specifications
Using IEC60598 system, the national standard for the BS.
(A) The voltage is AC240V, 50HZ
(B) use the three-pin plug
(C) available B15, B22 bayonet head.

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