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the prospect of flip chip led technology

Wanban Optoelectronics Vice President and R & D Manager Wang Jiangbo first introduced the two options to achieve white, described InGaN-based LED for semiconductor lighting reasons, and further explain the impact of high-quality LED epitaxial materials, chip technology, packaging technology , Phosphor and other technical factors. He also brought us a white LED efficiency roadmap. When it comes to flip-chip technology, Wang Jiang-depth explanation of the advantages of flip-chip LED chip. And clearly pointed out that it is the best solution for ultra-current drive.

In recent years, in the chip field, flip-chip technology is a meteoric rise, especially in high-power, outdoor lighting applications on the market more popular. Wang Jiangbo pointed out that the flip chip is popular in 2014, compared to traditional formal LED chips, flip chip has a lower thermal resistance LED, a better light, no gold and so on. And these characteristics determine the flip chip LED backlighting in high reliability and demand for ultra-drive lighting has a significant advantage.

Finally, Wang Jiang Bo also details a variety of LED flip chip packaging process, flip-chip package CSP. And further explained the flip-chip “high anti-P contact layer of production, high-N contact layer of production, production of symmetric electrodes,” the three key technologies. He pointed out that flip-chip LED chips and compared to the flip-chip, flip-chip has a lower voltage, better droop performance.

the prospect of flip chip led technology

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