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Thailand Power Authority to promote energy-saving LED tube light lamp

According to Thailand, “World News” on May 9, Thailand Power Secretary Suta yesterday (8), said the power of the LED lighting project has been launched in the implementation phase, has begun to model MR16 LED lamp The first test, and paste on the 5th energy-saving logo. After the power bureau in 2013 and next year to continue to expand the scope of the test, in other types of lamps also gradually realize LED lighting technology, in order to achieve energy-saving collectivization, and gradually promote the unified use of LED lamp.

philips tube light t8 led tube

Suta pointed out that after the preliminary test model MR16LED lamp point of view, in particular, to replace the fluorescent LED lamp test family, saving more than 50% of the electricity. Facts have proved that the promotion of LED lighting technology can effectively alleviate the rising demand for electricity. Power consumption peaked in March 28, 2013, the day’s total power consumption of 26.423 million watts. Although the peak of power consumption is over, the future demand for electricity will only increase and double over the next 20 years.

At present, the electric power bureau has installed and tried the LED lights in 4 dams. These LED lights are mainly installed on the roadside. After a period of trial, the power consumption of the LED tube is 70% higher than the ordinary lamp. At present the country has 700,000 street lamps, if all converted into LED lights, once the unified replacement, is expected to save up to 244 million units per year, or as 672 million baht, also can reduce 11 per year Million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. The LED lamp life than ordinary light bulbs to be long.

In addition, the tower also yesterday with the relevant private entrepreneurs jointly held in 2013 Thailand LED Expo press conference. The event will mainly showcase international power technology products and LED products, is the first time in Thailand to hold LED technology as the theme of the event. The event will be held from 23 to 25 March this month at the Menton Thani Convention and Exhibition Center. More than 200 companies from around the world will participate in various seminars.

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