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Safety of LED lamps and lanterns is worrying

LED lighting transformation project two construction workers electrocuted death, LED lighting products led to the electric shock problems continue to appear in newspapers. Since last year, Philips Lighting and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) for “power after the risk of electric shock,” recalled about 99,000 LED lighting products, the European Commission this year, “may lead to electric shock users” China’s LED lights from the market. LED lighting products, the potential safety problems of electricity has aroused widespread concern in the community.

LED lamp electric shock hazard from strict regulations

Domestic standards to a large extent to promote the development of the industry, but also let a lot of blind pursuit of low-cost enterprises drilling loopholes.

Not long ago, the Shanghai Quality and Technical Supervision announced the 2014 embedded lighting quality supervision and inspection of unqualified product list, and even three male Aurora, NVC lighting and other well-known brands of LED lamps because of anti-shock protection and other unqualified “serious quality Problem “and the list.

So, what is the reason led to the frequent occurrence of electric shock LED lamp it? “To put it plainly, is the production enterprises in order to save costs.” Jun Sheng Investment Management Co., Ltd. Zhang, director of investment in the “China Electronics News” interview, said, “At present Most of the LED lamp on the market for the combination of PC plastic and aluminum, of which 1 3 to 1 2 of aluminum.In order to save costs, most domestic enterprises using non-isolated power supply, high pressure part of the metal shell and direct touch connection, only The aluminum plate resin layer as the insulating material, so naturally had a great security risk.

This reporter learned that, because the lighting design in the structure is difficult to achieve 100% completely no leakage, so in the more stringent regulatory requirements in Europe and the United States, the need for lighting more than 2000V high voltage test to ensure that the leakage risk control Within a certain range. In order to be able to pass safety certification, manufacturers generally use isolated power supply. As for the huge domestic market price pressure, isolation power supply than non-isolated power supply cost of 1 to 2 dollars, accounting for almost half of the finished lamp price, so many domestic enterprises choose to use low-end aluminum-plastic tube lamp plus Non-isolated power supply to save costs. But this kind of products sold in the domestic market, it is difficult to pass the European and American national security certification.

In addition, the current use of a large number of LED lamps organic materials, combustion will produce harmful fumes, has also become a fatal fire safety hazard. In contrast to the developed countries such as the MTR and other public places, not only to put most of the wire to the iron pipe, the lamp also try to use non-combustible material to ensure the safety of extreme cases.

“Undeniably, less stringent domestic safety standards to a large extent to promote the development of the industry, but also let a lot of blind pursuit of low-cost enterprises drilling loopholes, a standard designed in accordance with minimum standards, no standard more Is free to play. “Zhang said.

Glass lamp or for the solution

The glass tube itself is highly insulated and thermally conductive, ensuring safety even when non-isolated power supplies are used.

In addition to aluminum-plastic tube, the LED lamp also has a glass material technical route. Reporter learned from the China Association of lighting appliances to the representative of the Foshan lighting as the representative of the traditional incandescent lamp manufacturers to follow the original glass equipment and technology to produce some of the glass lamp LED lighting products, and represented by the wood Linsen emerging LED lighting enterprises with PC plastic lamp-based materials.

Zhang believes that the glass lamp than the PC plastic transmittance high, more likely to achieve high luminous efficiency, but also likely to cause glare and discomfort; when the fire, the glass will not be like non-flame retardant PC plastic produces toxic gases, But the glass and because of its fragile and bring a series of problems. “Each has its own advantages, the key to see the application.” Zhang said.

In fact, relative to the aluminum-plastic lamp, glass lamp is the biggest feature of the high security, because of its high degree of insulation and thermal conductivity, even if the use of non-ferrous metals, Isolated power supply, but also to ensure safety. At the same time, the glass lamp fire, high temperature will not be deformed.

According to Zhao Ning introduction, after the recent domestic enterprises, the tireless efforts and innovation, glass lamp technical indicators have made great progress, compared to the advantages of the general pipe is also more distinctive. In addition to safety, can be low-cost and effective technical solutions through CE, UL certification, to facilitate the export of products, the first, the glass light transmittance higher than the PC plastic, excellent thermal stability, and the glass tube Third, the cost of transparent glass pipe is much lower than the “semi-plastic semi-aluminum (aluminum), the temperature is less than a year, “Fourth, compared to the aluminum, PC plastic, glass products more environmentally friendly, even in order to prevent glare, plus the glass tube wall after grinding, spraying or corrosion process cost, glass pipe costs have great advantages; . Glass lamp in the overall production process of carbon emissions is only about 1 2 of aluminum-plastic tubes, and aluminum anodizing wastewater pollution problems. Fifth, compared with the traditional fluorescent tubes, glass lamps have a great similarity, in line with most people’s visual habits.Therefore, the glass tube is more consistent with the green concept;

“Although it is difficult to say whether the glass lamp can replace aluminum-plastic lamp, but the use of glass LED lamp replace traditional lamp and aluminum-plastic LED lamp has become a popular trend.” Zhao Ning think.

Lamp safety solutions to be improved

ge led tubes t8 led tube

Many companies use LED glass lamp only a good heat dissipation, low cost, can not avoid the problem of glass rupture and splash.

Old account side consumption, the new account was underway. Glass lamp lifted the electric shock, fire and other security risks, but the new problem again, many companies use LED glass lamp only map good heat dissipation, low cost, can not avoid the problem of glass rupture and splash, it can not pass UL certification of the drop test.

“Not long ago, the Ministry of housing and urban and rural construction issued a” project quality control two-year action program, “the notice, which the construction unit responsible for the quality and safety responsibility to life-long commitment to the form of commitment to be clear and pursue.” Zhang stressed, “The majority of LED lighting products production and installation of enterprises must attach great importance to this issue, security issues have no longer allow us to sloppy.”

“Industry in urgent need of LED glass lamp anti-splash solution.” Shenzhen Rui Ou optical technology, a responsible person, told reporters, “LED glass tube in the promotion of replacement process, we look forward to domestic benchmarking lighting companies and multinational companies Are able to adhere to the use of non-discriminatory, applied to the global market standards for research and development, production and sales together to solve the security problems of LED lamps.At present, there are companies through patent coating and structural optimization, got the UL certificate, which Perhaps in the international market set off the trend of return to the glass tube, because after all, safety, environmental protection, low cost is the mature market value attribution.

Zhao Ning suggested that the lead by the competent departments or industry organizations, as soon as possible to establish and improve the green LED lighting products, safety assessment and testing system and standards, while in the warranty, after-sales service and recycling waste lamps also established a sound system and processes.

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