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Overseas countries have issued new regulations LED enterprises should pay attention to export!

First, the United States

American lamp holder / lamp holder standard ANSI C81.61 & 81.62 Add G6.6 lamp holder / lamp holder

On February 10, 2007, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) updated the standard ANSI C81.61 and C81.62, adding the G6.6 lamp holder to the new ANSI standard lamp holder.

G6.6 lamp / lamp holder is designed specifically for the LED T-tube tailor-made lamp holder and lamp holder, fundamentally solve the LED light source and traditional light source easy to confuse the security issues, will become LED lighting security. Use G6.6 lamp / lamp holder LED tube, one end is the power terminal, the other end only for physical support, just as the current TYPE B single-ended power supply LED tube principle. G6.6 lamp holder / lamp holder with L, N, G three pins, if the use of the new G6.6 standard lamp metal shell products, you do not need to use double insulated electrical structure, direct use of “lamp ground + basic insulation “To meet the standard requirements.

Please see the following ANSI C 81.61 G6.6 cap structure, ANSI C 81.62 G6.6 lampholder structure diagram:

G6.6 lamp / lamp holder advantages.

Figure 1: ANSI C 81.61 G6.6 lamp standard

In the case of

1. With the traditional light source lamp cap size is completely incompatible, it uses the sleeve type buckle assembly, Pin pin is not easy to be touched.

2. Can withstand greater lamp weight, the current ANSI proposed draft definition of the maximum bear 1000g.

Use G6.6 lamp / lamp holder to bring the impact.

Figure 2: ANSI C 81.62 G6.6 lampholder structure

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Lamp holder manufacturer

G6.6 lamp holder, the evaluation standard is UL 8754 (for LED engine and module lamp holder, lamp holder and connector Solid-state Lighting Bases, Holders and Connectors) for the North American finished lamp holder Listed certification.

2. LED lamp manufacturer

The use of G6.6 lamp on the listed LED lamp, the assessment standard is UL1993 (self-ballasted bulb and bulb converter Self-Ballasted Lamps and Lamp Adapters) for the North American finished light source Listed certification.

3. Refurbished Set (RETROFIT) manufacturer

The Retrafit kit, which uses the G6.6 lamp cap, is evaluated in a UL 1598C (Light Retrofit Luminaire Conversion Kits), which is a North American Refurbished Package Classified grading certification.

4. Lighting manufacturers

An increase of UL1598 lamps in the use of the lamp holder type, lamp manufacturers can G6.6 new lamp holder used in the lamp finished products for North American certification.

Technical experts recommend:

The traditional LED Type B lamp, which can only be retrofit kit Retrofit Kit (UL1598C + UL1993, Classified grading certification) exports to the North American market, now more than a certification program, you can use G6.6 new ANSI standard lamp directly as a whole Type LED light source (UL1993, Listed finished product certification) to enter the North American market!

Second, Brazil

The display will force the INMETRO

Brazil will control the size of the 13-65 inch image tube TV, LCD TV, plasma TV, LED TV, TV-enabled display (not including integrated computer). Imported or locally produced television, will be subject to safety, electromagnetic compatibility, energy requirements, obtain the INMETRO certificate and register. At the same time, these products will be market regulation.

※ INMETRO regulations:

1. Major regulations: Ordinance no. 563/2014

2. Basic Norms: Ordinance no. 649/2012

3. Test related: Ordinance no. 427/2014

※ Relevant implementation time:

October 1, 2017: All imports and domestic products manufactured in Brazil are under control.

April 1, 2018: manufacturers and importers shall not sell products that are not certified to wholesalers.

October 1, 2018: no sale (zero) sale of products that have not obtained the certificate to the consumer.

Third, India

GMAP Regulatory Update – India BIS plans to expand 13 categories of products into the BIS Mandatory Directory List

Following the announcement by the Electronic Information Department of India of 30 mandatory registration requirements for electronic and information products, the following products are to be included in the BIS Mandatory Registration Program on August 16, 2017. The announcement of the transition period is six months; that is expected to enforce the date of February 16, 2018.

Add a list of regulated products:

No serial number

Product product

Indian Standard Number

Title of Indian Standard


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