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online and offline price difference between low cost low quality problem

October 1 this year, more than 15w and general lighting incandescent lamp has been banned for sale. This is not very fresh news, 5 years ago, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the “China out of incandescent road map”, has long been set this day down.

In the past, procurement of incandescent bulbs, light bulbs are there, it was eliminated, the Led lighting fluorescent replacement fixtures to the market. “Bering” issued, the energy saving lamps gradually become the mainstream market, light source products, and now, Led lighting fluorescent replacement fixturess rely on more energy efficient, more longevity advantages, alternative civilian energy saving lamps just around the corner. Beginning in 2014, Led lighting fluorescent replacement fixtures prices quickly lower, has been playing on the fold, and energy saving lamps flat, consumers will naturally look to Led lighting fluorescent replacement fixturess.

However, Led lighting fluorescent replacement fixtures sales channels, the quality of mixed phenomenon is very prominent, especially by electricity providers, a large number of poor quality Led lighting fluorescent replacement fixturess to consumers trouble, more adverse effects on the industry.

Online and offline price differences are great

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Led lighting fluorescent replacement fixtures is one tenth of the incandescent lamp is one third of energy saving lamps, and incandescent lamp life can reach three times, twice the energy saving lamps, such a good light bulbs, flat prices and energy saving lamps, If you need to change the light bulb, of course, will choose the LED. But the people’s livelihood products, in the physical market is not easy to buy and sell, through the sale of electrical products is the brand specifications of many products.

The visit is not difficult to find, sales of Led lighting fluorescent replacement fixtures stores, mainly concentrated in the home building materials stores, lighting and roadside hardware store, supermarkets are not mainstream, such as supermarkets and Lotte Mart’s medium sized stores, are only energy saving lamps to sell .

From the Led lighting fluorescent replacement fixtures price point of view, the physical differences in the store on a large line of goods generally more expensive than a large line of online, and with online sales, with the difference between the price of 10 watts bulb is not uncommon.

In the home building materials stores or lighting city, the basic light source is LED, Led lighting fluorescent replacement fixtures is attached to sell. Reporters in Beijing North Fifth Ring side of a lighting city to buy a 5w 27E (general lamp) bulb, 25 yuan, 18 yuan, 10 yuan a few price, according to salespeople, different brands, different quality caused by different prices. He took out two bulbs to reporters demonstration, pointed out that the higher the price of more soft lights, and told reporters that the low price may be short life expectancy. But he stressed that “three year limited warranty.”

The same is online, well known brands of low wattage Led lighting fluorescent replacement fixtures mainstream price of 10 yuan, surprising is that 1 yuan, 2 yuan a bulb actually has a lot. Online Led lighting fluorescent replacement fixturess, are vigorously promote energy efficiency, longevity and excellent decorative effect, but why the price difference can be so much.

Cheap bulbs and uneconomical

According to reports, a qualified 3w LED lights, the brightness is equivalent to 30w incandescent, at the same time, LED lights than ordinary energy saving lamps “service” longer the mainstream brand energy saving lamp packaging is usually marked ” 3 years”. LED lamp qualified product life are generally more than 10 years or even 20 years. Long life and low energy consumption benefits for long term use of the family, Led lighting fluorescent replacement fixturess should be very cost effective.

The past two years, LED lights prices fell sharply, and 2014 has been cut. Can be cheaper to one or two dollars a real gospel, but easy to use? Look at a large number of net sales of 1 yuan or 2 yuan product buyers evaluation, a look of surprise is not small, full of tears.

online and offline price difference between low cost low quality problem

And some bought directly scrapped, “poor quality, power direct smoke,” “one time, installed less than an hour to start flashing, and finally simply not bright” and “after the lights flash flash! Can not be used! “” One night no 6! Too much stimulation of the point! “” Buy back loaded with a burst of three, like firecrackers, too scary! Direct all won, and this Quality how to use! “” 10 has 7 does not shine, also switch burned. “Obviously, such a poor light bulb has a direct security risk.

Not bright enough, is the most reflective of the problem, accounting for 70% of negative feedback. “The first shopping to the negative feedback, 5 watts is not as bright as 3 watts” “The light is too dark, less than 3w” “The product brightness is not enough, not to buy LED lights is to save electricity, that does not save.” In addition there are many reflect the product is rough, cover off problem.

Low cost bulb material is poor

An industry source, the production of a large number of LED manufacturers, the price war is increasingly fierce, appearance, structure, function almost the same product, the price difference of ten times, many users get fooled, I do not know where the spread come from?

He said, “For Led lighting fluorescent replacement fixturess, home users are concerned about the brightness, life, safety, the quality of the original accessories, determines the quality, but also determines the price.” “Simply put, LED light bulb components have three, , Lamp body shell, the power of traditional love called ballast.

He said that the LED industry has a life certification called LM80, need to point at a continuous temperature of 100 degrees for 6000 hours, and the brightness can not be reduced more than 5%, the lamp beads (the wick to do the package) in 33,000 hours brightness reduction does not exceed 30%. Domestic slightly larger manufacturers of chips can be certified through this. As long as the manufacturers do follow the formal standards of the chip, do not worry about his life. Chip price gap is mainly reflected in the domestic and imported, domestic bulbs are basically using the current domestic chip, small wattage price difference is not great.

As for the home with the lights, mainly concerned about the display index is not high, the drive power is not good, good heat to do. These effects on the life and effect of home lighting, than the chip to their impact is much higher.

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