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light fall in love with led

Five years, how the changes?

Fall in love with the LED tube, off the traditional fluorescent coat, in addition to the price of each playing more and more convergence, there are many different highlights and advantages of mining out.

Fall in love with the LED tube, off the traditional fluorescent coat, in addition to the price of each playing more and more convergence, there are many different highlights and advantages of mining out. Self-proclaimed “alternative” also began to emerge, although still difficult to become a climate. For example, from the era of the three primary colors continue to the present LED light strip, “loaded” into the LED lamp with a pattern like a flat, deformable OLED flat, side-emitting extended version of the panel lights and so on.

Six years ago in 2010, the status of traditional lighting fairly solid, natural fluorescent tubes only three primary colors are the first sight. At that time, the fluorescent tube bracket positive T8 to T5 climax, Zhejiang, Guangdong, the main tube bracket factory gathered, the road is kowtowing on both sides of the brain are such outdoor advertising. At that time the LED tube is still walking in front of the looming contours, shadow mourning, willing to quickly catch up with its “strike up” a handful of companies.

High energy consumption, low light efficiency T8 switch to all aspects of winning T5 bracket “embrace”, which is the traditional lighting of the internal metabolism of the improvement, this is understandable. But even so, there are “conservatives” ridiculed as unfounded to washboard can not replace the washing machine as an example to demonstrate “T8 for T5 will be a long process,” not to mention the “hospitality” exchange-type revolutionary new light source LED.

But they ignore a shallow economic common sense: price and value of the leveraged relationship. Washing machine can not be reduced to the price of washboard, and with the former wisdom of the increase in the value and value will only go up. But the LED light source is able to close or even breakdown the price of traditional light sources, but also bring the same or even beyond the value.

Facts have proved that less than two years, about 2012, T8 has not completely surrender to the T5, the LED light source will fall into the field of the lamp, but also captured the conservative wait and see the weak psychological defense.

But, when the lamp fell in love with LED, the deeper the love, seems to sink deeper.

In the initial stage of replacement of light source, LED lamp is one of the single-plank bridge that we will all crowded into, the market demand is increasing day by day, the bridge will not fall down, but the violence between the bridge pushing or shoving is Inevitably.

Oversupply, the price is particularly garish.

In fact, each time the price will appear butcher, the key is to see which one is willing to give up some of the profits and the implementation of the strategy to seize market share. Each time by the scale of enterprises set off a wave of price cuts, moving the industry average “profit cheese”, other companies will always scoff, claim to adhere to the high-end positioning. But then a period of time to make their price cuts, often more than the original price butcher.

Market trend dictates, it is not yet turn to individual enterprises and even collective play “aloof, turn the tide,” the role.

Lamp companies had mistakenly believe that: just use the middle has been killed by the price war to kill the bloody accessories, shifts assembled, and then “reselling” to those who tired of the traditional fluorescent light profit margins, and new products to stimulate market dealers. Seemingly logical simple operation, but because of the influx of LED light source of the public, the price of quarterly fluctuations, the channel problem will ring interlocking to appear.

LED lamp manufacturing side of the price down, the problem solved only one-fifth. Dealers to maintain profits, the level of price increases lead to product penetration can not sink. Do a lot of advertising, the terminal can not see the product, it is embarrassing. Manufacturers game again.

The traditional lighting business channels deep, but the level of strictness, the weight of hard to return the disadvantage is also very obvious. A lot of new brands will be launched electricity supplier project, the purpose is not sales, while in the open terminal prices, control the national guide price; the other is the channel ahead of flat, directly to county dealers, overhead traditional operation center mode, military power intensive To avoid the provincial businessmen challenge. However, the original only need to control more than 30 provincial-level logistics business, will be able to stable operation of the country, and now the amount of management increased by more than 10 times more than 10 million times more than worry about the natural skyrocketing.

light fall in love with led

At the same time, the dealer has also raised the traditional lighting era are not “unequal treaties”: “I do not prepare inventory!” Selling light sources and sell lanterns, only 357 conventional products in the store, need a lot of cash before From the enterprises in the local self-built warehouse or producing areas of the factory. Stereotypes flow of products lost the advantage of inventory, no other sources of income not scale enterprises estimate suicidal heart has a … …

The price of love is not low, it shows the value of love is not cheap.

This year and next year should be the circulation of LED brand set a good pattern of ending, the teeth stick to it, LED lamp also appeared in several industry single product champion. But this is only the LED light source replacement stage, most of the LED lamp is still the continuation of the traditional fluorescent tube appearance and life.

God knows the future will become what kind of LED lamp, or the category will be sadly exits are also not allowed to say. Like the energy-saving lamps to replace incandescent, T5 replace T8 general, often we feel that you can stop to enjoy the revolutionary achievements of the time, another revolution has quietly began…

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