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LED will replace the traditional fluorescent lamp can save a lot of power

According to one researcher, as a replacement for traditional fluorescent lamps, LED in the next two years will be more and more attractive in the economy.

At the SEMI NanoForum last week, Steven, professor of materials science at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), says consumers and businesses can buy LEDs that are equivalent to a traditional 60-watt fluorescent lamp. One of the main advantages of LED: the use of up to 100,000 hours, far longer than the traditional fluorescent. He said, but, unfortunately, this LED is priced at up to $ 60. LED prices are 50% annual price decline, so the price of LED within two years will fall to about 20 US dollars.

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Steven said that the price of 20 US dollars is equivalent to a year to save energy, in shops and warehouses and other places to use LED can quickly get a return on investment. A year later, as prices continued to decline, LED for more places will be more economical.

According to the US Department of Energy, in the United States consumes about 22% of the energy used in lighting. Traditional fluorescent lamp efficiency is very low, only 5% of the electricity into light, the vast majority of electricity is converted into heat and waste. Steven said that if 25 percent of US lighting uses 150-watt LEDs per watt of energy, the US alone would save $ 115 billion in electricity by 2025, equivalent to 133 new fossil-fueled power plants capacity. The amount of carbon emitted to the atmosphere will also be reduced by 258 tons. Steven pointed out that if the world is using LED, can save the amount of energy will be expanded at least 2 times.

LED technology continues to improve. UCSB has produced an LED that can produce 117 lumens of brightness per watt of energy; a Japanese company has boosted the value to 130. In addition, the LED can produce people can adapt to the white light technology has also been greatly improved.

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