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LED panel lights the market behind those things

As we all know, the LED panel light with a more uniform light, the index was higher, higher frame strength, light uniformity and comfort characteristics, which is a good solution to the energy and temperature problems, applicable to a variety of applications. Is widely used in office lighting and industrial lighting.

In the field of commercial lighting, consumer lighting quality requirements are getting higher and higher, and LED panel lights because it is surface light, soft and comfortable light, light uniformity, prominent eye protection role. Industry sources, LED panel lights gradually recognized by consumers, market penetration has increased year by year.

According to the Institute of Advanced Industrial Research Institute of LED data (GGII) monitoring data is expected in 2016, the global LED market size of 699.6 billion yuan, while the 2016 LED industry, the overall size of the market reached 457.6 billion yuan, an increase of 15.35%.

The industry that “2020 LED indoor lighting products market share or 50%,” LED interior lighting applications more and more widely, the overall replacement rate gradually increased.

GGII latest data, the downstream lighting field, 2016 China LED indoor general lighting output accounted for (LED application market output, the same below) was 42.80%, compared with 2015 rose 2.88 percentage points. LED special lighting accounted for 3.64%, compared with 2015 increased by 0.11 percentage points.

LED interior lighting products in the gradual decline in the price of the market demand and sales are gradually increasing. LED panel lights LED lighting market segments quickly become the category of “new favorite.”

“LED panel lights are now mainly export-oriented, the domestic is only the beginning, the people seem to do a lot, but are around the export market, mainly exported to India, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.” Huatai electronic responsible person said.

In the Sidon lighting, general manager Chen Shi appears, suddenly so many companies to pay attention to LED panel lights may be two main reasons: First, the price is the core point, LED panel lights prices gradually close to the market demand; , See the success of the case. “In the earliest areas of the ceiling were basically LED panel lights to replace, after the successful replacement of the ceiling to give you great confidence, have started to look under the LED panel lights.

In fact, the advantages of LED panel lights is far more than these, different from the previous lighting effects, coupled with the unique LED far more than the traditional fluorescent lamp life, making it by no means a simple alternative to traditional products (replace the traditional grid ).

This fall Hong Kong exhibition, many of the main push panel lights manufacturers (of which 600 * 600mm 40W for the best-selling models), from these companies show feedback effect, the current demand for panel lights is the largest export.

NS-PLS-6060XX this new product, the main sales in Europe and America market, through the borderless, seamless connection design, with wireless linear 2.4G dimming, variable color temperature (cool white, Warm white, white adjustable), luminous efficiency up to 170LM M, the maximum energy saving.

How to design the structure of the lamp, LED panel lights to ensure the ideal lighting at the same time, but also to facilitate cost control.

Op LED lighting relevant responsible person said, LED panel lights market demand is very large, but the lighting manufacturers market competition is also very intense in the LED panel light market promotion, Op lighting more emphasis on price, through a more reasonable price to enhance market share . “

“In terms of the domestic market, price-sensitive customers are mostly, so effective control of product cost is the key to improve market share.” National Star Lighting Division General Manager Xu Zhenfeng said, “National Star in ensuring high light efficiency products, Refers to a uniform light at the same time, and actively explore ways to effectively reduce costs, to provide consumers with better quality, cost-effective LED panel light products.

In the product design trends, side light panel lamp advantage lies in the slim body, but compared to the direct type of cost is slightly more expensive, and direct-type panel lights higher system light efficiency is a big advantage.

“Based on the structure of panel lights, the cost control is also an advantage.” Op lighting again.

The advantages of the flat panel lamp is that the light is even and the brightness is sufficient, but the shortcoming is that the thickness of the flat panel light is low and the brightness is low. It is easy to install and transport, Transportation and installation is relatively inconvenient.

In market promotion, Sunlight focuses on both product appeal and market appeal. Firstly, we have to dig out the features of the competitive products for the market, and improve the cost-effectiveness of the products under the condition of low cost. Second, to better understand the market , Grasp the customer or consumer demands, to meet consumer demand.

Chia-Mei Zhou, general manager of the times that, in understanding the characteristics of products based on the actual needs of customers, design a reasonable product type, from a certain point of view, but also a cost control.

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National Star’s side-lighting and direct-type LED panel light sources are used high-brightness country Star’s own SMD LED, the LED panel lighting business accounted for about 15% of all lighting.

“Now LED panel lamp replacement grille prices are still high, many of the early direct use of three T8 lamp for traditional light source, the cost of light for 150 yuan, and the overall size of 600mm × 600mm replaced into the panel lights need More than 200 yuan. “Oulang lighting revealed.

In view of this situation, the relevant enterprises have to seek a breakthrough, has introduced a similar lamp dish, relatively speaking, the price is cheaper, the current as a panel lamp replacement products, including Foshan Lighting and other enterprises are also the main push this type of lamp .

In the LED panel light market, there is no doubt that the production of high-quality products, innovative enterprises, “Spring” has just begun.

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