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led packaging industry what are the innovation and breakthrough

Once the most classic LED package SMD 2835, the price has dropped to a low (more than a dime a button but also cheaper), LED is no longer a new industry, but entered a mature period, when the price has no profit, technology Progress slows down. LED industry is in urgent need of more breakthroughs, the last period DengYuCang teacher for us to share (the price has no advantage, how to make money in the second half of LED?), Interpretation of the LED packaging industry dilemma, this period, we followed DengYuCang teacher Footsteps to see if there are those LED packaging innovation and breakthrough points.

Weiss: The last time we talked about LED packaging devices and button prices have been quite, and what innovation it?

Kelvin: Does the button factory have no innovation? They also have their own innovation, just like the current LED industry. Just innovation is no longer a change, as the classic three laws of mechanics are identified, there are still many places worthy of study.

Weiss: What are the specific? Hurry to share with you.

Kelvin: LED industry chain is changing all the time. Start with the LED the most upstream. We know that the LED chip is grown out, the growth needs of the substrate substrate. Prior to growth, the substrate substrate is subjected to a number of process steps, such as a patterned substrate. Every day, many engineers use the etching method to manufacture sapphire substrates with different patterns, and to verify the impact of different shapes on the light.

Weiss: The shape of these small hills can have a different impact on the light it? Really good magic ah.

Kelvin: These are just pretreatments of the growing environment, and there are more processes, materials, equipment and a variety of parameters in the epitaxial growth process to support small LED innovation. In 2009 or so SMD3528 products can do 7 ~ 8lm @ 20mA flux, do a T8 tube needs 216 small lamp beads.

At this stage the same size SMD 2835 lamp beads can do 30 ~ 32lm @ 60mA, do a T8 tube only need 68 or less lamp beads. The same chip size (10 * 23mi) previously only 20mA of current, through different epitaxial and chip process improvements can now withstand 90mA current, or even higher.

The progress of these are through small details, slowly change the result. No plot step, no to thousands of miles.

Weiss: good tall on the way, but you say these are in the high power microscope to see, can there be some closer to the application side of the case can be shared?

Kelvin: Well, it looks like you are more fond of grounding gas products ah. Let’s talk about the packaging of the product changes.

Weiss: I heard that the current phase of the csp in fluorescent led tube lights product simplifies the packaging process, the specific situation to talk about it?

Kelvin: csp in fluorescent led tube lights talked about if the package seems to have nothing to talk about if nothing like this, this is actually a lack of industry direction. csp in fluorescent led tube lights may still be just a concept. Maybe you will say, which do a lot of ah, the amount of the amount of what ah?

Weiss: Why is the industry’s lack of direction?

Kelvin: At present the packaging industry a high degree of automation, product definition is very mature. When one of them launched a new category, we are blindly follow, if you do not emulate seems to feel that they are outdated and the industry. For a time the international manufacturers, domestic listed companies, the new three-board enterprises and the newly established small businesses are playing this concept. And no company really made a very deep understanding of product definition.

led packaging industry what are the innovation and breakthrough

Csp in fluorescent led tube lights package is only a way of packaging a number of forms, appear in the semiconductor industry is only vaguely defined when the package size does not exceed 1.2 times the size of the chip, you can call for the csp in fluorescent led tube lights package.

Weiss: fundamentally speaking, there is no change in the ah? Only conform to the requirements of the semiconductor industry on the device: the size of smaller and smaller, more powerful (chip integration, large size).

Kelvin: Yes, LED packaging industry, said white is only a branch of the semiconductor packaging industry only. Some companies use some terminology of the semiconductor industry to create concepts. csp in fluorescent led tube lights into the LED packaging industry, known as the “three non-product”: no gold, no substrate, no packaging. In fact, this is not the case, csp in fluorescent led tube lights products still have to be packaged, this work can only be done packaging factory. Some companies began to csp in fluorescent led tube lights product positioning is skip packaging factory directly into the lighting factory, this road looks very good, in fact, very difficult. Lighting companies on the use of csp in fluorescent led tube lights products know little about, but can not carry out targeted application of its advantages. Patch progress, mechanical stress protection, reflectivity requirements, equipment improvements and process precision requirements are not the same order of magnitude.

SMD 2835 Bottom land pattern Unit: mm

Weiss: LED lighting products are expected to operate the device is simple, large tolerance requirements. Listen to you say that csp in fluorescent led tube lights products directly used in lighting products like there will really not meet. Through the above two pictures can be seen that the csp in fluorescent led tube lights’s pad is directly flip chip pad, the tolerance range of ten um level, and lighting plant components used, the tolerance range of 100 um level, the order of magnitude difference of about 5 to 10 Times.

Kelvin: the package itself is defined to better protect the chip, and the electrical connection. LED industry, more than a light output only, and not out of the essence of packaging. csp in fluorescent led tube lights part of the product manufacturers directly flip-chip fluorescent film or the coating of phosphor coated to form the coating of the chip to stimulate the formation of white light. However, the bottom pad is still the pad itself, the size tolerance does not match (the chip is the um level, the lighting device pad is mm level) and the mechanical stress mismatch (vibration, thrust test, warpage) csp in fluorescent led tube lights product promotion unfavorable. In essence, is the manufacturer in the definition of csp in fluorescent led tube lights products are not considered good.

Weiss: Well, do not talk about the csp in fluorescent led tube lights this topic, do you think there are good packaging product innovation?

Kelvin: LED chip will promote the progress of packaging technology products upgrade, at the same time, for different types of applications will have different packages produced. The trend of market segmentation more and more obvious, to replace the mainstream market demand has become a common product. We should be more concerned about the new application direction, and then think about what the trend of change.

Weiss: What are the new applications for LED light innovation?

Kelvin: As we control the LED and the demand for more and more light, light is also an endless stream of innovative applications.

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