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led lighting fluorescent replacement fixtures industry inspiration fission type entrepreneurship

The lighting industry is a highly fragmented industry, market opportunities are many, the threshold is very low, everyone can start a business, troubled times out of the hero, riding on the outbreak of the past few years the general trend of the network market, many grassroots entrepreneurs are Fortune got rich, but many companies are facing a common problem.

We all know that the lighting industry is a highly decentralized industry, the market opportunities are many, the threshold is very low, everyone can start a business, troubled times out of the hero, riding the outbreak of the past few years the general trend of the network market, many grass roots entrepreneurs are fortune , But many companies are facing a common problem: employees look so good boss, it is inevitable heart, have come out alone, many of these people have succeeded, and make a lot of money; and then separated from his staff alone , Continuous cycle.

Fission type Entrepreneurship Enlightenment to Lighting Industry

Recently read a book called “fission type entrepreneurship”, inspired by the author is Fenix ​​boss Zong Yi, in his own business development process, the core executives ran away self crisis, because the crisis, Zong Yi Explored a set of business expansion model, called “fission type entrepreneurship”, the successful solution to the problem of brain drain, so that enterprises re renewal of vitality.

Fenix ​​is ​​a business of air heat source products and equipment business, the company started 2 years, began to get on the right track, this time, the company’s sales director, is also a founding team, one of the four core members, leaving alone, the master 80% of the domestic business, when leaving the company also took away a number of technical backbone, and then start all over again, on the outside and Fanny opened a exactly the same company, directly with the original owner grab market.

There is no doubt that this is a great blow to Fanny, is also a crisis.

In fact, many traditional enterprises have encountered the same problem, how to avoid it? General boss of the practice is: the key positions with their own core resources to personally control the business executives everywhere fortification, and so on, but not the same case, he was from this experience in a profound reflection: how to avoid similar things happen, but also Want to unite the rest of the executives?

Zong Yi’s strategy is: the staff into a partner.

Fanny produced a swimming pool heat pump, which uses an important accessory titanium tube heat exchanger, with the company’s production and sales expansion, the purchase of this part is also growing, enough to support an independent production enterprises Operation, according to the company’s usual practice, set up a new production workshop on the line, but this time, Zong Yi adopted a new approach, he called the six executives together to convene a meeting, encourage everyone to set up a new company, specifically The production of titanium tube heat exchanger, so we have become shareholders of the new company, making money with everyone points, this is not the interests of everyone tied together, the best incentives to play it?

And with the parent company to support the stability of the order, the branch does not seem to lose money, so a good thing to find where ah!

Surprisingly, six executives have just agreed to, and later played a retreat, so why? Because the risk of investment, although the project looks good, but really want to put real money, most people are hesitant, and later Zongyi soft and hard, find a breakthrough, the four executives to convince, one investment of 100,000 The general manager, the other three of the investment of 50,000, and then the two owners out of 350,000 shareholders, with 600,000 investment, the first co founder of the company to open the company, which is Zong Yi’s “fission type venture” A try.

The result?

As the general manager is a major shareholder, cast the most money, so desperately to work, one year ahead of the successful development of new products, when the net profit reached 100 million! Everyone gets a decent bonus!

The success of this first “Breakthrough Business” was a sensation for the entire company, and all the employees of the parent company were greatly stimulated I had the opportunity to become a shareholder and start a business together with the company!

The next year, Fanny began to set up a second fission company, start up capital of only 600,000, but raised to 100 million, 20 individuals, each out of 50,000, all the core members are united.

Starting in 2006, Fanny fission a new company each year, using “the staff into a partner” model, each company has been successful.

In 2009, the original has been the main export market Fanny intended to open up the domestic market, the need to set up a new company, the creation of an online and offline collaborative model, but a traditional manufacturing enterprises, to transform the Internet, how to find talented people , How to set up by the combat effectiveness of the team to ensure the success of the transition, which is a huge challenge.

Before the fission enterprises, according to their own understanding of the staff, from the selection of competent people to play the new business leaders, but as companies become larger, employees increased, the boss simply can not understand the merits of each employee length, the use of ” Appointment “approach is difficult to find the best leaders, this time, Zong Yi came up with a new talent screening program the election!

The specific approach is: the parent company each employee can participate in the formation of a four person entrepreneurial team, and then participate in the election of the leadership of the new company, and then vote by employees to obtain the most votes to win. Here Zong Yi designed a key point, that is, each employee involved in the election must pay for shares, at least 50,000 a share, and the campaign general manager, the capital contribution must account for 10% of the total investment, such as the project needs to invest 5 million, The election of the general manager of the primary conditions must be able to get 500,000 shares; In addition, any vote of the staff, will vote for money to vote, 50,000 votes, vote for a vote, even if a share.

This trick is really too wonderful design, Zong Yi explained in the book, with the yuan to vote, to ensure that talent can be selected both ability and political integrity, because we are voting with real money, the new company’s success or failure with their solidarity, certainly Is extremely cautious, very serious, if one of the usual character is not good, we all know, certainly do not vote for him; usually do not work hard, mediocre, and there will be no candidate; no one because Good to you and blindly vote for you, they will only choose you because you can do.

In addition, there are several benefits of voting with money: one is to avoid bribery and canvassing; two is the parent company and the interests of the new company’s employees tied up; third break seniority.

Enterprise promotion cadres encountered the most troublesome problem is the staff on seniority, old employees think they have with the boss for so many years, there is no credit also has elbow grease, how also the turn of my bar. In the case, the ability of new employees is difficult to get promoted, and the use of the election, it completely avoids the problem, Zongyi against those who do not agree with the old staff said: You want to be a leader, then you participate in the election ah!

This time in the parent company of any important positions are often not, because he vested great interests, could not bear to give up.

The campaign general manager almost to come up with all their savings, and even the house car to be mortgaged, the net worth of life here, so to win in the election, are the most courageous, the most capable person, he Full of wolves, full of fighting, will be able to lead the new enterprise to be successful.

The leadership team selected by the election method, give full play to their entrepreneurial potential, and create a new marketing model, and soon, Fenix’s products in the domestic market to open up the situation, a great success.

Logical thinking is devoted to a program to explain Zong Yi’s “fission type entrepreneurship”, Luo Zhenyu commented: money is the world’s most intelligent things, with money to vote can elect the best talent.

“Fission style entrepreneurship” gives a lot of inspiration, it is worth a lot of business owners take a look, I think of our lighting industry, we all know that the lighting industry is a highly fragmented industry, market opportunities, low threshold, Many people are faced with a common problem: employees looking at the boss so good to make, it is inevitable that the heart, it is inevitable that the heart of the heart of the market, , Have come out alone, many of these people have succeeded alone, and make a lot of money; and then separated from his staff go it alone, continue to cycle.

There is a consequence, the company’s personnel instability, especially the Taobao sellers, talent loss is very serious; also appeared in the shortage of talent, in the town, excellent talent is difficult to recruit, because many people are alone.

Many day cat sellers in order to solve the problem of brain drain, the operation center moved to Shenzhen, Guangzhou such a big city, large cities rich in talent, and because away from the production base, business threshold is much higher, the entrepreneurial idea is not so strong, Work is relatively stable.

However, I have been thinking on this issue, employees do not want to continue to follow the boss, but to go it alone, the nature of the problem is the distribution of benefits, the boss made a lot of money, employees take a little dead salary each month, income disparities, others To go out alone is purely normal, no one is born to give you work, you are working from their own origin, there is no reason not to let others go Chuangchangchang it?

led lighting fluorescent replacement fixtures industry inspiration fission type entrepreneurship

How to solve the problem of distribution of benefits, retain talent, stimulate the potential of talent, so that enterprises continue to move forward, Zong Yi’s “split business” no doubt gave us a profound lesson.

In fact, many lighting factory or the lynx seller itself there is a “split business” basis, and even this phenomenon itself exists, such as a day cat sellers big, he will use their resources to drive his brother or Classmates shop; day cat shop sales, the need to purchase a variety of styles of lamps, this time the seller will let himself open the factory, the production of products supply their own shop sales; production of large lighting manufacturers, need a lot of hardware, inkjet A variety of supporting services, this time may also lead to friends and relatives to open factories to do their own matching.

However, this venture and Zong Yi’s “split entrepreneurial” essential difference, it is based on affection or friendship of a cooperation, new companies generally do not share each other, only the business collaboration and contact. And Zong Yi’s “split entrepreneurial” is based on capacity, through the election of the way from within the company selected talents to play a new business leader, and the entrepreneurial team members themselves to shareholding, the parent company employees also shareholding, the mother The company’s new company, the old employees of new employees are fully bound interests, which can produce the best incentive effect, greatly enhance the cohesion of the enterprise.

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The town has a successful case of split business, a big cat seller after years of development, as one of the industry benchmark, the company’s outstanding operations to leave alone, the boss does not want to lose such a capable person, like a program, funded 20 million to operate the other to open a new store, the owner accounted for 30% of the shares, operating shares accounted for 70%, conditions are excellent, and later the day cat shop opened up, flagship brand new lighting, due to proper operation, identify the market gap , The shop soon developed, less than a year, sales of over a million, the peak sales of 3 million, both earned a full bowl full!

Split the core of entrepreneurship is the staff as a partner, in fact, is a set of benefit sharing mechanism, Zong Yi said: The boss of the biggest test is willing to share with the backbone of the interests of enterprises. A project can earn 100 million, to share the mechanism, 600,000 to be assigned to the entrepreneurial team, you are willing!

Lighting industry market is vast, while fierce competition, small factories and small sellers tens of thousands of small sellers, get together in a small lighting capital for the market, many sellers sell well, but do not worry the boss, If we can learn from Zong Yi’s spirit of “split type entrepreneurship” and regard employees as partners and establish a good development mechanism, then the potential of employees will not be as great as the lack of talent and management team. Will be fully excited, companies can do more and stronger, the boss can also be done more easily and more free!

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