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LED lighting can reduce PM2.5 emissions

In the future for a long time, China’s energy structure will be based on coal, saving electricity is equivalent to reducing the consumption of coal. In April 16th, “2015LED lighting industry development seminar”, the participating entrepreneurs and experts and scholars agree that if the energy efficient LED in China is popular, lighting power consumption is expected to reduce more than half. At the same time, LED lighting as a part of social public facilities, but also to reduce the haze plays a very important role.

Efficient lighting helps reduce PM2.5 emissions

According to the Guangdong Guangya Lighting Research Institute estimates that lighting consumption accounted for about 20% of the total electricity consumption, last year, China’s total social electricity consumption of 552.33 billion kwh, converted down lighting power consumption reached 1.1 trillion kwh The

Kaveh Zahedi, executive director of the Asia-Pacific Regional Office of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), said in an interview that efficient lighting promotion is important for countries that rely on fuel for power generation to help reduce electricity consumption, Haze generation and carbon emissions, reduce electricity costs, thereby reducing the thermal power plant construction.

LED lights more energy efficient

It is understood that incandescent after being eliminated there are many people choose to use energy-saving lamps. “LED lights than energy-saving lamps more energy-efficient, and longer life,” CEOs said, “from the price point of view, the first two years of energy-saving lamps in the price is slightly cheaper than the LED lights, and now the price is almost the same” The He believes that if the energy efficient LED in China is popular, is expected to reduce the lighting power consumption more than half, energy-saving lamps than the energy-saving effect to be significant.

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Guangdong Zhao Xin Zhao, deputy general manager of lighting also said that LED lights themselves are also ongoing energy efficiency upgrade. To outdoor lighting, for example, the current LED lights can save at least 50%, “2006, LED single watt can only do 30 to 50 watts, but now can do 10 watts.”

Cost-effective is the key to universal

Nevertheless, the current market, the application of LED lamps are still lower than the energy-saving lamps.

In this regard, Aladdin lighting industry chain business unit general manager Liu Jun believes that under the haze, lighting and war is the most basic and most critical is to create cost-effective, high reliability LED lighting products, LED lighting applications popular In recent years in the rapid increase, the new amount of municipal lighting projects, home improvement, hotels, commercial lighting and other applications to LED-based, is expected within two years, LED lamps will be more than the traditional energy-saving lamps. He stressed: “The introduction and use of innovative technology, such as thermal engineering plastics instead of large energy consumption of aluminum aluminum radiator, can effectively reduce the product’s carbon footprint, while the reduction in product weight can also reduce transportation costs and energy consumption. Even the use of bio-based materials have also been recognized by industry leading customers. “

In fact, how to put energy-saving measures throughout the electrical design process is particularly important: for manufacturers, the rational use of new materials and new technologies; for designers, the electrical engineers in the design of environmental awareness, High-efficiency electrical equipment, including transformers, motors, cables, lighting, intelligent control system, for the majority of users, is in the daily management and life to be able to effectively save energy.

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