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LED industry Q & A special

2017 January 5-6, sponsored by the Engineering LED to “find the way to the future of LED” as the theme of the 2016 Engineering LED Annual Golden Ball Award Ceremony and the tenth anniversary of the high industrial research (2006-2016) Celebration was held in Shenzhen.

The evening of January 5, Engineering LED Chairman Dr. Zhang Xiaofei especially for the future of the road feel confused enterprise set up “B industry Q & A”, personally surgeon, for everyone to resolve doubts.

“B and industry experts industry Q & A special” think tank list and the “Q & A Session” list of the Mission. (Click to view details) At the meeting, B one for everyone to answer doubts.

1, A: future power supply aging system market share will occupy how much?

B: At present, domestic power supply is divided into two kinds, one is the professional power supply manufacturers, British Fit, Ming-wei, in constant delivery Granville, these enterprises for aging test. The other is that some of the R & D is very confident of the enterprise. Aging system for power supply manufacturers is one of the necessary systems, but there is no shortcut into the customer supply chain, you need to explore these customers in the end what the demand.

Therefore, the proposed power companies from the professional start, but they have to carry out more in-depth cooperation. In addition, you can build your own small power test lab.

2, chip manufacturers: Do you think the next three to five years where the LED trend? Or you are more optimistic about which market?

B: the price increase as a normal, I think the chip price rise in the future is not a jagged form, or smooth and smooth rise. Chip supply in 2017 or tend to tension, prices will rise, but I do not encourage you to “rebel.”

3, sensors, linear IC Enterprises: We are a start-up, there is a certain technical strength, how we quickly gain market recognition and financing? How to improve visibility?

B: do the sensor itself in intelligent lighting, automotive lighting and other fields of application, the current really only a very small part of the high-end models, in essence, the value is not high. In addition, this is not a linear power supply difficulty, because the linear IC is not only a technical problem.

Financing, for the start-up groups, to see what your customers? Look at the performance of the situation is how a year? Now the situation in this area for your company, is a little early, you can choose a variety of Way publicity.

4, joint photoelectric Dai Peng: small and medium enterprises to break through the road where? How breakthrough? Your height, level, the understanding of silk?

B: small and medium enterprises, although small, but there are levels. As for the height, there is no absolute height, only the relative height, you can stand on the shoulders of giants to see the world. For example, in the core source, but also as a small and medium enterprises, can solve the problem is not solved, with a professional level to solve the problem.

As for the silk, I think there is an ideal person, do not put their own on the indifferent way of life. I think that the silk and silk together, you can put it off, from small things to start. You can determine their own goals, such as the next three years to do? To what extent, not necessarily listed, but can prove Cock silk creativity.

5, Reiter Zhu Xueling: B home lighting will do dimmer? Do you think dimming color development prospects in the country how?

B: home has a lamp, only before and after the adjustment, this lamp is very difficult to base. Do not dim the whole home to do dimming, the first lighting dimming light to do a good job.

Abroad is to do more, like hotels, commercial applications. In foreign countries, the purpose of dimming is the quality of sleep can be good, whether the power will not be considered. In the country, it is only used in the bedroom.

6, Ai Lei laser Jiang Lijun: 2017 gross bulb is expected to be how much? Filament lamp development trend?

B: The market demand in 2017 the number of currently still can not answer, but the global use of bulb in the past about 6 billion, so there is a great alternative space.

7, phosphor Enterprises: the future direction of the development of phosphor?

B: Overall, the phosphor has left the enterprise is not much, the next is to look at your color rendering index. Do not blindly upstream price to fight, if your customer development is faster, we must ensure that can not be lost, must be in their own capacity development.

8, Ward Technology Hu Yong: Our aluminum plate production capacity to do the nation’s largest, we do PCB companies need to enter the FBC field?

B: First of all, to understand who is using FBC materials. In the past ambitious photoelectric, CITIC China also have more questions, why do you so low price. Because, on the one hand there is an absolute amount to the supplier, have the right to speak. On the other hand, in 2012 the country’s first aluminum plate production line.

philips led tube t8 t5 led tube

In addition, Ward has a certain amount, so, first, do not follow the price of wind, your maximum amount, the lowest price, you do not worry. Second, for new materials, not too fast into the investment, and some large enterprises to solve one of the short board problems before entering.

9, with the side lighting industry groups: on the one hand our sales, on the one hand our products, B give what advice?

B: on the same side of Friends of the Friends, it should still play to its original advantage. If you want to focus on the export of lighting in a rationale for management, to improve the previous shot a gun for the way, you can do some tentative work on the Internet.

10, export foreign trade enterprises: Under the lamp is to understand what the market?

B: GE, OSRAM are in the sale of lighting business, but also to Chinese enterprises to bring more opportunities.

11, Arezzo: future light engine linear module market space for the future?

B: If the high-end low-end market to analyze, specifically how to expand the market, I think you do not stay in this one. In any case, I suggest you sub-file products, for different lighting research, the number of market share, how high the difference, B competitors to kill them in the beginning.

12, Zhang Fei Power Yang Dong: 2017 Zhang Fei power whether to insist on doing 3W, 5W isolated power supply?

B: As for the end do not do other products, depends on what you want to do in the end? 3W, 5W the entire market, Zhang Fei about 10% of the power supply. First of all, to find out what the rest of the share in the hands of enterprises, a family can go to visit, to market research, with 3 months to do. When you get 30% of the time, 50% of the house will panic.

13, the state tripod alloy wire more than the old: the quality of the alloy line boss, second child?

B: to find the packaging line with the manufacturers, if you think you may use the packaging manufacturers, did not do so, we must consider is not to do this.

14, Ou Terui: LED filament lamp has prospects? This prospect can last many years?

B: filament lamp is a new product, will not replace the traditional lighting, because your technology is not good enough to do, filament lamp once really made, the harvest is still great. To take all the technical difficulties to take up, as a major event, Tam responsibility. Then, list a target.

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