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LED industry division of labor into the shuffle cycle

Into the new normal development cycle of the LED lighting industry, especially in large-scale enterprises a new round of strategic adjustment will undoubtedly highlight the new opportunities for industry development and structural adjustment of their business structure to adapt to new changes in the industry.

Recently, wood Linsen (002745) issued a notice to be changed after the application of LED lighting products raised investment projects, turn into LED lighting supporting components project.

The intends to change the raised investment project “Xinyu LED application lighting a construction project.” The project is to build a production base of LED lamp, candle lamp, ceiling lamp and downlight in Xinyu Hi-tech Zone, Jiangxi Province. The project design capacity is 148,470,000 pieces per year. The total investment is 904,203,900 yuan.

Notice that the company is planning the acquisition of Osram divested general lighting business in the LEDVANCE, so the company’s strategic planning has been adjusted in the future the parent company and the existing subsidiary of the business of Linsen will focus on LED packaging and LED application lighting components Field, while the LED application lighting business will focus on LEDVANCE or through outsourcing.

After the change, “Xinyu LED lighting supporting components project” to be in Jiangxi Xinyu High-tech Zone, a new LED display lighting board and LED interior lighting board production base, the project designed capacity of 15,903,300 square meters, the total investment amount of 103,529.91 million yuan.

Through the production of display lighting panels, indoor lighting board, the company’s products to achieve diversification and business complementarity; through the introduction of advanced production equipment, improve product automation and scale, and further improve the company’s market share and continued competitiveness, To promote long-term stable development of the company has a significant role.

On the other hand, by optimizing the production process, improve production efficiency and reduce production costs, improve product quality and value-added products; products to the diversified development, extend the industrial chain; reduce cost of sales, improve product profit level and economic benefits, Enhance the company’s profitability and promote the company’s development strategy.

Reduce costs and increase profits into focus

2016 LED industry is the industry’s most concerned about the price increases. With the application of LED lighting technology solutions is difficult to substantially innovation, from the upstream chip, to the package, to LED light source, the price reduction efforts are more moderate. But the price reduction efforts may lead to substantial increase in the difficulty of business even higher.

This requires companies in the future cost of supply chain optimization, channels, brand innovation need to have the same as the past is not the same as greater investment.

Innovation ability, international marketing network, supply chain optimization management, how to supply chain, ecosphere, product management, not just the manufacturing management, product life cycle change so much, the price constantly changing, this Is a big challenge.

Wood Linsen will own packaging business and lighting business segments in the manufacturing segment, but also highlights the scale of LED manufacturing is still a larger release of space. As stated in the announcement, the LED lighting applications will be focused on the LEDVANCE or through outsourcing production.

This also means that the LED industry re-division of labor into a new round of adjustment cycle.

With the development of technology and the market, LED industry will gradually increase in the adjustment and a reasonable division of labor, the formation of a new industrial structure. In the overall industry chain, LED leading enterprises in the formation of the upstream and downstream industries will redefine the division of labor, highlighting the specialized division of labor and collaboration.

From the LED lighting business layout adjustment in recent years, the terminal channel brand market concentration is increasing year by year. Which led to a number of small and medium-sized LED lighting business will gradually give up its own brand of lighting business, instead to OEM, ODM as the business center of gravity, which will start this year LED downstream lighting industry, a major trend.

The wood Linsen revealed that the future of LED application lighting business or through outsourcing, will undoubtedly become a lot of new business opportunities.

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LED applications bring new opportunities for lighting components

In recent years the market gradually warming of the photoelectric engine products, began to become part of the pursuit of packaging enterprises “object.” And since last year, this trend greatly Liaoyuanzhishi, SMD + IC, AC-COB and other products have become the major packaging enterprises “killer.”

From the current actual market demand, the traditional energy-saving lamps for the light source ceiling lamp, for example, according to the latest retail sales of the day cat platform, a 18W LED ceiling lamp prices in 150 yuan, and consumers if the direct purchase 18W LED light board to replace the existing ceiling light source, you only need about 30 yuan.

At present, the day cat platform, the sale of the ceiling lamp replacement LED light board brand more than 20. Feedback from the general consumer point of view, the purchase of replacement lamp board, regardless of price or ease of installation are far more than the purchase of new LED ceiling lamps more economical and convenient.

From the manufacturing point of view, plug-and-play LED optoelectronic solutions will undoubtedly reduce the enterprise’s overall lighting and LED lighting manufacturing costs.

Concerned about component business is not just the domestic LED business, Philips Lighting held in Shenzhen at the end of LED system components in China product strategy conference. In this conference brought a number of indoor and outdoor LED modules and power products.

Philips Lighting said that the collection of modules, power and control of the entire package can help customers reduce procurement and R & D on the risk and investment, reduce operating costs, increase revenue and profits.

The country star photoelectric, for example, its LED components gross margin compared to LED devices to maintain a relatively stable gross margin trend in 2015, component gross margin was 28.67%, higher than the device gross margin nearly 7 percentage points. In 2014, the gap was less than 4 percentage points.

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