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led flip-chip technology and cost advantages

As the technology is not mature, low-yield packaging and other factors, LED flip-chip technology in fluorescent led tube lamp bulb lights in the Chinese mainland market development is still relatively slow, not much shipments.

At present, more than half of die-die phenomena are related to the damage of gold wires in LED devices (especially high-power, with Lens package, except for traditional lumped lumens with protective shell), while flip-chip technology can be made Free gold wire package, which from the source to reduce the probability of LED device dead lights.

Zhao Ming, executive director of the core technology CEO Liu recently introduced in the Engineering Forum, the company launched the fourth generation of flip-chip LED flip chip, the use of a stable SMT tin process, to withstand the tension is the traditional LED several times. “The technology can effectively avoid the gold wire package caused by a variety of risks, such as thermal expansion, external shock waves or pressure caused by the advantages of money rupture.

led flip-chip technology and cost advantages

Grid-day photoelectric market director Hu Shuangneng also said, “Compared to the vertical and vertical package of the chip package, LED chip-clad integrated light source eliminates the link to play gold, can reduce the probability of dead lights more than 90%, to ensure product stability , Followed by the cooling capacity of the technology also better than traditional packaging.

Liu Zhen believes that, in addition to technological change, flip chip technology to bring the cost advantage and ultra-small investment scale, will attract a large number of industry to follow up this trend.

Liu Zhen, for example, if a traditional packaging enterprises to achieve 50 million -6000 million sales, about a year into 30 million, 280-300 employees, the plant area to be 4,000 square meters, the configuration required up to 250 kilowatts, of which 2000 square meters to do purification treatment. In addition, in operation, including solid crystal, baking, welding, testing, dispensing, stamping cutting test, the last volume bags into the warehouse. And in order to make these devices together, need to be equipped with enough personnel to operate.

To achieve the same sales above, flip chip technology only need to invest 3.5 million yuan, 18 employees, plant area of ​​200 square feet. In addition, the plant does not require anti-static, do not need to do air purification, configuration, only 15 kilowatts is sufficient. “This shows that the flip chip to save not only the gold line, the biggest savings is the investment in equipment and management, which is the biggest change brought about by flip chip.” Liu Zhen said.

Hu Shuangneng also expressed the same point of view, “flip-chip technology as long as the crystal after the furnace can be stove and dispensing, and put less equipment, then the efficiency is higher, labor costs will be reduced accordingly.”

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