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led flip chip packaging technology verus

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Low-profit era of LED packaging companies in urgent need of new packaging technology to break the dilemma of increasing income without increasing profits. Whether for domestic manufacturers or foreign manufacturers, the future of LED packaging market share to enhance the main challenge is still from the technology.

LED industry after several decades of development, the era of huge profits can be described as gone, which is reflected in the middle reaches of the packaging industry is particularly evident. 1W high-power lamp beads before making a few dollars a piece, SMD devices earn a few cents, and now earn a few cents of money manufacturers have sold. When the profit “no section of parade” decline, will inevitably lead to changes in market development, and market changes led to product changes, flip chip or flip and CSP is the product of this period, the old technology and new products flip and new Technology new products CSP who can independently LED Avenue?

Low-profit era of LED packaging companies in urgent need of new packaging technology to break the dilemma of increasing income without increasing profits. Whether for domestic manufacturers or foreign manufacturers, the future of LED packaging market share to enhance the main challenge is still from the technology. So regardless of the mainland to the crystal electronic, Taiwan, led by the new century, flip-chip technology, or Philips led the csp technology in the LED industry are much more industry attention.

led flip chip packaging technology verus

Recently, Nichia Chemical Co., Ltd. Akutagawa wins also said that the LED industry, the scale of investment growth of 3-4% per year, but the end product prices have maintained a 20-30% decline, this reverse trend led to LED industry investment and This time, the flip chip package can significantly streamline the LED process, so that the proportion of the cost of production decreased, so Nichia’s ELEDS flip chip technology is still planned in this year’s (Technology News http: www.agile-news.com ). 10 months into the mass production stage, production capacity of about tens of millions of pieces, Nichia that the technology is expected to be within 3 to 5 years to become mainstream products, applications across the automotive, lighting and backlight products, ahead of preemption machine.

Cause of Life in Past and Present

Flip-Chip (Flip-Chip), also known as “flip-chip packaging” or “inverted packaging method”, is a chip packaging technology. The packaging technology is mainly different from the past, the way the chip package, the past is placed on the substrate chip, and then use wire bonding technology will chip and substrate connection point. Flip chip packaging technology is the long chip chip bumps, and then flip the chip over the substrate and the bump directly from the name.

The technology originated in the 20th century, 60 years, now in foreign countries and Taiwan have been more mature, but relatively slow progress in the mainland market, only a few companies involved. In addition to low-yield package, the main reason is that the cost of this process is relatively high cost to small and medium-sized enterprises mainly in the mainland packaging mainstream market is also difficult to accept.

The CSP concept, originally proposed by the chip companies. If the basic meaning of it, it is necessary to remove the substrate part, but the combination of existing packaging technology to consider, then remove the substrate part is not yet operational So, the vast majority of the current light source enterprises in the production of CSP devices, The use of flip-chip package. The use of this package, the more common flip-chip device can enhance the efficiency of 10% -15%, while also meeting the requirements of chip-scale package. Therefore, the existing CSP package is based on flip-chip technology exists.

In many of the existing packaging, only flip-chip technology can make CSP package easier to implement. Traditional and vertical structure in the implementation of CSP package will encounter many difficulties, and the flip-chip technology can solve this problem timely. Because if you are using a vertical structure or installed, must be guaranteed above the opening, this package will expose the electrode, resulting in its white encapsulation, the process of coating the phosphor will encounter many challenges. And if the flip-chip structure, the electrodes are in the bottom, do not need to do any lead, you can put a whole piece of phosphor, fluorescent glue coated up, so once in place, thus greatly reducing the difficulty of CSP packaging process.

Highlight the advantages to escape the price grief

It is understood that the cladding LED light source eliminates the link to play the gold thread, dead lights reduced the probability of 90%, thus ensuring product stability. The formal installation of the chip package mainly through the gold wire for electrical connection, the impact of instantaneous high current easily blown gold thread. The flip-chip package used to connect the chip and ceramic substrate electrode accounts for about 60% of the chip area, compared to the gold line for its electrical contact surface expanded more than 1000 times, can withstand the current density increase million times , The chip thrust will increase to more than 2000g, so the reliability of the entire package will be higher.

Most of the industry for the use of silver glue to solid crystal, because the chip and the substrate is mainly inorganic components, and silver glue for the organic ingredients. The thermal expansion coefficient of the organic component and the inorganic component is greatly different, and the chip is likely to peel off from the substrate in the case of alternating hot and cold conditions.

Industry insiders predict that the cost of chip-on-chip technology will not drop, but the price is too high, and is still limited to the application of high current, is expected in 2015 should be able to penetrate down to 1 to 3 watts of the market , Enabling the development of new markets.

The CSP device, because of its own is based on flip-chip technology, but also has no gold, no stent, so all kinds of “free packaging”, “no packaging” vocabulary has emerged. Free package ‘concept, in fact, some Taiwan-based manufacturers in order to promote its CSP white chip, do a more commercial motivation of publicity. The reality is that these chip companies can indeed provide white chip, but in the application side of the enterprise is not directly use it. CSP devices from the chip to the final light source products, packaging technology must still go through this step. In general, the traditional packaging process in some of the basic process, CSP devices also need to have. According to the current LED industry packaging requirements, the need to heat out, the light emitted, taking into account the role of mechanical protection and electrical combination of reasonable manner, and for these requirements, CSP devices are also indispensable.

But the current production of CSP devices are mostly chip companies, while the packaging business is very small. Like this kind of CSP device, a lot of capsulate the factory and can not produce it temporarily, moreover usually the chip enterprise will make the light source product directly, supply and employ the manufacturer to use. To some extent, the current stage of the CSP device does in the process seems to have little relationship with the general packaging plant. The reason is mainly because there are technical barriers to CSP packaging, and many packaging companies are still a lack of some of the technical conditions in this regard, it is usually the case of this set of processes are often arranged by the chip factory. Therefore, there are many people in the industry, said the future with the CSP device on the amount of the general, the traditional packaging enterprises are likely to be the end of the industry development.

So, in terms of flip or CSP, the current understanding of the industry situation, this is just an industry conjecture, a variety of packages, CSP package or flip chip technology into the industry’s future mainstream packaging mode, remains to be the time Of the test.

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