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how much light to install in a house of 80-100 square meter of the house

80 square meters of house to install how much light?

How far is the distance between the chandelier and the table?

Can the bedroom light be placed just above the bed?

These “stress”, you know? Recently Xiaobian to some of the lights under the line store visits found that a lot of pro lights who buy this is not clear. In fact, the size of the living room should be appropriate size, lighting effects and its location is closely related to the installation. Xiaobian Jiugen below to see it.


living room

The living room of each household are not as big, how to calculate? In general, the length of the room and width of the measurement, and the two add up to a number, so that we can give the room a general impression. The diameter of the lamp in the house should not exceed 1 12 of this figure.



The diameter of the lamp in the home should be at least 12 inches (30 cm) less than the width of the table to avoid touching the head.


dining table

The position of the fixture is 28-32 inches (70-85 cm) from the table top.



The most critical is to keep the lights in the same direction. High-ceiling corridors should use low-hanging lights. There should be a minimum of 7 feet (2.1 m) between the luminaire and the floor. (This parameter is only recommended for users with high floors).


Kitchen area

Whether out of aesthetic considerations or for safety, the layout of the kitchen table above the lamps are required. Lamps should be placed 1.8 meters away from the ground, or 70-85 cm away from the kitchen countertops. The mounting position should be high enough so that people in the area do not have to stare at the fixture.



The bottom of the lamp and the highest place of the staircase (armrest) should be 45-60 cm away.



If you want to install a wall lamp, mirror headlights, usually mounted on the mirror above or on both sides. If you want to do not the same boy, you can install a chandelier. Attention to the installation of 1.5 meters from the ground, about 70 cm interval. Of course, in addition to wall lamp, chandelier, mirror front lights, the most convenient or integrated ceiling mounted slightly.



For the pursuit of low-key luxury pro, the crystal chandelier is standard! The floor should be 80-84 inches (200-210 cm) from the bottom of the crystal chandelier.

If the hall has two stories, then the design of lighting at least not less than the second floor. If there is a window on the second floor, you should place the crystal chandelier in the center of the window so that you can see the lights from the outside → _ → way to the world to announce your low-key luxury connotation.


The house is central

Most house floors are 7 feet (2.1 meters) from the location of the fixture. However, if the bottom is a coffee table, coffee table or other furniture, lamps can be placed lower, because it will not touch the lamp.


Inside the bedroom

The standard bedroom lights are located 7 feet (2.1 meters) from the floor. If you place the fixture directly above your bed, it is important to note that the lamp is at least 6 inches (15 cm) from your head when you kneel on the bed.

how much light to install in a house of 80-100 square meter of the house

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