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fourth generation flip chip production chain integration speed

At present, the high-brightness, high-power flip-chip of led fluorescent tube lamp lights fixtures has become the focus of future development, wanban [-1.02%] of the product will also use wanban Flip chip.

After the completion of the upstream chip investment, we will devote ourselves to the development of the market channels, and will start with Jiangsu as a pilot to cover more than 300 prefecture-level cities across the country, and then penetrate downward. “December 9, wanban (002005, SZ) Chairman Wang Donglei told the Economic Observer Network reporter, the future of wanban is the core technology of the upstream chip, one end is the brand channel, in the O2O electricity business platform will wanban intelligent home and wanban (02222, HK ) Of the lighting business for full integration.

fourth generation flip chip production chain integration speed

December 9, the nation’s largest LED lighting company wanban announced that a new generation of LED flip chip “Sirius” production in Bengbu, Anhui Province, wanban Wang Donglei said, “to next year In the fourth quarter, can achieve production of 50,000 pieces of epitaxial wafers, which means that the future of LED lighting on behalf of the mainstream core products to achieve mass mass production.

Economic Observer Network reporter has learned, and competitors is different, wanban in the chip field is focused on flip-chip of led fluorescent tube lamp lights fixtures. Compared with the traditional flip chip, the flip chip has higher luminous efficiency and more stable performance, and the improvement of the luminous efficiency of a single chip reduces the number of chips used in the light source and improves the reliability of the LED light source.

De Hao Runda LED chip division vice president Mo Qingwei introduction, this time a new generation of “Sirius” flip chip compared with the same level of chip products, with higher light efficiency and more durable stability, and flip chip Market coverage is broader, conducive to large-scale production and promotion. This is wanban released last year, “Northern Lights” code-named world-class LED chip, the re-launch of a new generation of flip-chip of led fluorescent tube lamp lights fixtures, and CSP chip-scale packaging products.

Economic Observer reporter learned that, at present, high brightness, high-power flip-chip of led fluorescent tube lamp lights fixtures has become the focus of wanban future development, wanban products will also use wanban flip chip. According to Wang Donglei introduction, the use of diode solid-chip LED lighting, is the second energy-saving lamps after the fourth lighting technology innovation, “with our two flip chip made of 5w bulb, compared to alternative 10-12w Energy-saving lamps, the price is even lower, very cost-effective advantage. “

Data from UBS forecasts that 2013-2015 global lighting market overall growth of 36%, 37% and 38%, which residential LED lighting market demand over the same period increased by 157%, 90% and 62%. In Wang Donglei view, because of the price before the LED general lighting market is slow to start, and most of the LED business is facing technical difficulties, the industry is therefore highly hollow. And now LED technology and manufacturing has matured, the future will face the full competition in the market, “Wang Donglei said, at the same time, he believes that the popularity of LED lighting for China’s energy saving, environmental protection immeasurable impact, Producing 2 billion 5w LED lamp calculation, compared to replace the same illumination incandescent lamp, the annual saving of 80 billion degrees.

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