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Double-ended wiring LED security risks

China’s lighting market incandescent phase-out has entered the final stage, in the past few years time, LED lamp rapid occupation of the lighting market, to have such high efficiency, have to thank the double-ended wiring LED lamp, because it is easy to replace , Low prices. But with the popularity of the product, its security risks are gradually exposed.< br>< br>12121.jpg< br>< br> Do not think that the risk of double-ended wiring LED lamp is very far away from you, when you understand the principle of its lighting, you know the danger is within reach.< br>< br> Philips launched a lamp race game, by picking the right tube to join the lamp track, in the race at the same time need to avoid the risk of electric shock, and as soon as possible to reach the end. In the course of the game you can find double-ended wiring LED security risks exist. Side of the knowledge while taking customs clearance gifts. Fast on the small partners together to challenge!
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