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DLC introduced the latest version of technical specifications draft V4.2

December 6, 2016, DLC (Design Lighting Consortium, the United States Lighting Design Alliance) announced the latest version of technical specifications draft V4.2, from the official version of V4.1 announced the implementation of only one month. DLC will seek the views of the parties on the draft, as of January 20, 2017.

As a DLC accredited laboratory and an important partner, New Oriental Certification will continue to focus on new DLC trends and provide feedback from the majority of manufacturers to DLC.

V4.2 version of the draft V4.1 official version based on the addition of new product categories, and 5 points worthy of attention to the new changes.

Add tolerances for products with specific parameters

For products with low color temperature and high CRI, the tolerance of the parameters has changed:

Add T5 Tube to Category Linear Replacement Lamp

◆ The T5 lamp is only available for 4 feet (1.2 m) of length and does not accept other sizes.

◆ T5 tube will be subdivided into ordinary T5 and T5HO, T5HO lamp must be done with four lamps to do the whole lamp test.

Add Hazardous Location Lighting

lowes shop lights t8 led tube

UL 844 (Hazardous Locations) is required for the product to be certified and clearly stated in the submission that certification has been obtained and where the product is suitable for use.

New DC-PoE Luminaires

◆ The product is powered by DC and PoE system, and the power supply system must meet the standard DOE 10CFR430.32 (w) and can be found in the NLC (Network Lighting Control Systmes) QPL approved catalog.

◆ Provide detailed instructions to indicate the installation of the fixture in the real world, including the specifications of the cable to be used in the installation.

Add White Color Tuning Products

◆ DLC will accept white LED color temperature adjustable products, but for the time being only by the two white LED illumination generated by the superposition of the color temperature adjustable way.

◆ Each adjustable color temperature needs to be tested, the use of each LED are required to provide specifications and LM80 report.

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