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Official Company: Fujian Wanban Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd.
Address: Hualin Economic Development Zone, Chengxiang District, Putian City, Fujian Province, CHINA 351100
Tel: (00)86-18670553957
Fax: 086-(0)594-3992099
Email: sale@t8fluorescent.com; tcobled@outlook.com
Skype: tcobled-sale
What’s App:+0086-18670553957

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> Bulk Purchase: We support you with best discount prices for bulk buying of led tube lights. Usually we will have EMC calculations replacements and projects cases advices for customers.

> Wholesale Purchase: We always find ways and channels to protect wholesalers of led tube lights brand market and price competitions, including advertising, usually we well allow and agree with wholesalers or distributors with exclusive agreement for long term cooperations of lighting business.

> Retail Puchase: Retailing is maybe small but very important part in our lives for led tube lights replacements. You are always welcomed to get this part with us,and we will allow you the best prices and perfect services like color box designing, silk print etc.

Each customer who wants to cooperate with us sincerely is the most important for us, is the best honest to us. We will try the double efforts to work with you to offer you the most energy-saving, energy efficient, lowest wattages, brightest lumens, best quality, the most top and no.1 technology patent led tube light products for you, so that you can earn the market, and win in the global lighting business revolutional war!

All of our products led tube t5 tubes, t8 bulbs have the certificates of CE, RoHs, UL,VDE etc.

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Fluorescent Led light tubes T5 T8 Cooperation Process

Step One:If you have the intension to work with us for fluorescent led tube lights, please kindly contact us by mail, tel, or online msg like skype and what’s app, or leave messages on our website, please tell the detailed files and requirements for your demanding, our customer services will forward to sales to reply you as soon as possible,and also discuss with you about your mail request.

Step Two: We will do energy calculations according to your request about your projects or replacement buildings malls, then offer you the related data as follows:

– Test report( including light sources, chips, power factor, color temperature, CRI tests etc.)
– IES files( dialux usage)
– Energy saving comparison
– Luminous decay test
– Professional catalogue of led tube lights
– HD pictures
– Cases advises
– Total solution

Or you are free to download from here tcob

Our Sales team and project people will work closely about your request, after hearing from your demand and requirements, we would introduce you some suggestions and ideas that might be helpful about your request, and also submit you the cooperation proposal. If need, our team will come to your site to check the project in person, then offer you the best and most proper suggestions and solutions.

Step Three: When two sides agree with the data and informations, we can agree to sign the contract with you as the requirements we discussed, including the payment and shippment terms.

Step Four: We will do the arrangements of production and related work after receiving your deposit payment, then set up a special team group to work for your order in full swing. Usually our professional team group is consist of three parts as follows:

1. Lighting Management Consultants
2. Lighting Technical Consultants
3. Lighting Design Consultants
4. Lighting Packing and Shipping Services

Step Five: After the full production, we will do the complete QC control and aging lines tests for all the tubes for three times. The QC work will include on-off test, basic lighting tube test, aging line, lumens test, high voltage test, lowest voltage test, IES test, sizes test, length tests, color temperature tests, lable and stickers test, packing check etc.

After all the related tests, and the receipt of your balance payment, we will ship the goods accordingly. And always ready for the after-sale services.


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