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Comes with LED lights efficient and more secure

OSRAM announced that Germany’s industrial safety and protection industry leader UVEX co-production of fabric lighting security products, the first series of fabric lighting products have been put into production.

At the recent International Industrial Safety and Health Show (A + A) held in Düsseldorf, Germany, UVEX exhibited for the first time a number of security vests and a soft vest with OSRAM’s active LED lighting for professional traders. Shell coat. The application of fabric lighting to safety protective clothing can provide better visibility for the staff, thus enhancing the safety of daily work such as construction site or road traffic.

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OSRAM lighting module based on LED, integrated into an integral part of protective clothing. They can be battery powered via a USB port. The key advantages of the new technology are: Reflective strips on conventional work clothes can only reflect incident light, and the lighting module can always protect the active lighting, thereby enhancing the dark or low visibility conditions in the work of security. Such protective clothing can be integrated with the light pipe together into the washing machine washing.

Last year, in the ice hockey game held in the country of Chu Gefeng, the lighting module proved its superior performance at extreme temperatures close to 3,000 meters above sea level. In the next step, OSRAM plans to combine the lighting module with the sensing technology, which means that in the future, the user can control a variety of usage scenarios through an APP, for example, a high-risk warp of the wearer through a light- Or a riding jacket with an integrated brake light.

LED lighting module for the dark environment of the workers to provide better visibility and higher security. In the case of

Protective clothing with active lighting helps workers to work more easily in low-visibility environments.

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