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Civil market officially opened

With the LED lighting products prices continue to decline, the highly anticipated civilian market began to really open the door to meet the arrival of LED era. According to statistics, in 2014, the overall size of China’s LED lighting industry reached 35.7 billion yuan, up from the 2576 billion yuan in 2013 increased by 36%, continue to maintain rapid growth. The output value of general lighting is about 117.7 billion yuan, an increase of about 68%, accounting for the proportion of the application market from 34% in 2013 increased to 41% in 2014, LED industry has become the main driving force for rapid growth.

In the “Mori Battle of the division”, the wood Lin Sen also said that in 2015 the proportion of LED lighting and traditional lighting has entered the 7: 3 state, LED lighting products have become the real market leader.

“From the national market, with the continuous progress of technology and production scale continues to expand, the current price of LED lights fell sharply, close to the price of energy-saving lamps.” China Lighting Association Liu Shengping, said LED lighting products into large families Has the conditions.

“LED lights have now reached the ordinary people can accept the price, some commonly used indoor LED lights prices and traditional energy-saving lamps, fluorescent lamps are almost the same.” Guangdong Zhao Xin, deputy general manager of lighting, Liu Qichao also believes that LED lighting has been to the civilian The market universal access to all the necessary conditions, which also means that LED lighting ushered in a truly universal popularity.

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Focus on the field of LED chip in the United States Puri photoelectric this year in the lighting show also launched a product for the civilian market. “There is no doubt that the civilian market is already open,” said Wen Jianhua, senior vice president of Puri Asia. “This product can be seen as a milestone in our development of the Chinese market.”

Also in the active layout of the civilian market also includes traditional lighting giant NVC, Op and Foshan lighting, Foshan lighting is the civil market as the main hit. A number of industry sources told reporters: “This year is the LED civilian market to open the first year, the future of the civilian market will become the LED industry, the most powerful piece of the market.

As the technology upgrade and competition intensified, LED lighting products prices continue to decline year by year. LED lighting manufacturers continue to increase channels of sinking efforts, the rapid development of electricity providers channel, China’s second and third tier cities to accelerate the market start, LED lighting market in 2015 will usher in the rapid rise in the market.

Cost advantage show

Since 2014, with the first-line lighting brand to take the lead in product price adjustment, some brand influence and channel control capacity of a little weak lighting companies have been facing the pressure of survival, LED lighting market knockout has been kicked off. At the same time, with the LED lighting technology continues to mature and development of the market, the proportion of LED is getting higher and higher, product performance and safety standards are more and more attention.

The industry generally believe that LED lighting products continue to lower prices continue to stimulate the demand for the civilian market, when the price dropped to a certain extent, the brand benefits and business strength and other advantages will be apparent. “If the price is very cheap, there are brand of LED lighting products will become the general public’s preference.”

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