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chip flip of led fluorescent tubes lamps enhanced led package

Flip chip technology in fluorescent led tube lights replacements advantages, highlighting, wanban to seize the domestic opportunities: LED flip chip collection of the advantages of installed chips and vertical chips, cost-effective, with “high current, heat, phosphor uniform coating, no gold line risk, easy Module integration “and other advantages. Flip-chip technology in general lighting, automotive, high-power lighting, large-size backlight, projectors, flash and other fields have broad application prospects. International manufacturers Philips, Cree, Osram, Nichi have chosen the amount of flip-chip technology, fully illustrates the LED flip chip and packaged devices is the future trend of technology trends. Domestic LED chips and packaged devices are competing into the white-hot stage, while the LED flip-chip and packaged devices market is in the localization of the neutral period, wanban Runda increased by the code will be added flip-chip business, the project put into production after the formation of With an annual output of 5 billion flip-chip production capacity.

chip flip of led fluorescent tubes lamps enhanced led package

To strengthen the LED packaging business, industry consolidation worth the wait: According to Strategies Unlimited statistics, in 2014 the global LED packaging revenue of more than 15 billion US dollars. Expected 2012-2018, the global LED packaging revenue compound annual growth rate will reach 13%. LED packaging, application of rapid development can effectively guarantee the company to raise investment projects to digest production capacity. The raised investment project put into operation, the company will deep plowing on the one hand, the existing customer needs, increase sales scale, while using existing customer resources, sales channels, Lighting, sales channels of integration, and vigorously expand the O2O lighting and smart home electrical business platform, to achieve online and offline integration, improve product penetration.

Investment Strategy: We expect the company 15-16 years of revenue were 59.25 and 9.331 billion yuan, corresponding to EPS were 0.26,0.44 yuan, corresponding to PE were 62.31 and 36.99 times. With the world-class manufacturing equipment and talent, with vertical integration and the mainland’s vast domestic market, we are optimistic about the company in the LED lighting era prospects. After the completion of this increase, wanban Runda LED industry chain to further optimize the layout. The company’s performance prospects, to maintain a “strong recommendation” rating.

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