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11 led fluorescent lights business development strategy

In the era of large strategy, led fluorescent lights listed companies embrace capital advantage, based on the need for future development strategy for a clear pre sentence, in order to better realize the advantages of integration of resources, and ultimately realize their own development “big strategy.”

Big strategic era, led fluorescent lights listed companies in the embrace of capital advantage, based on the need for future development strategy for a clear pre sentence, in order to better achieve the advantages of integration of resources, and ultimately realize their own development “big strategy.”

Linsen layout of the global led fluorescent lights lighting market

July 26, led fluorescent lights by strategic investors IDG Capital, Mulin Sen and Yiwu state owned capital operation center and other limited partners of the Chinese consortium to more than 400 million euros (about 439 million US dollars) the price of winning a successful Landes million led fluorescent lightsVANCE, OSRAM light source business). The success of this acquisition is an important step towards the internationalization of the lighting, the future, the globalization of the layout will be more worth the wait.

Development strategy: 1, wood Linsen actively layout the global led fluorescent lights lighting market, enhance the company’s competitiveness in the international market and market share; 2, relying on technology research and development continue to look for lower cost solutions to increase the extension of lighting applications, To enhance the market share and lay a solid foundation; 3, relying on technology research and innovation to enhance product market competitiveness, enhance their core competitiveness; 4, vertical and horizontal integration, strengthen cooperation and enhance their competitive advantage; 5, enhance the brand, enhance profitability and Competitiveness.

Business plan: Mu Linsen to market demand oriented and improve product market share. Third, to increase investment in scientific research, to speed up the construction of R & D center, and to promote the development of R & D center, to improve the quality of R & D, Establish and improve the technology research and development mechanism, improve the product innovation system, drive product innovation and upgrading.

NVC lighting integration “NVC” impact of 10 billion

Recently, Lei Peng, president of Peng Group, said in an interview, including NVC lighting and other associated companies, including the assets of the “NVC” this year will strengthen the integration of upstream and downstream resources, and strive to impact the overall operating income of 10 billion yuan.

Development strategy: 1, strengthen the internal management and rectification, strictly control the production and procurement costs, reduce production costs and procurement costs; 2, the sales model from the “single business type” to “a variety of business types with” direction, 3, to promote overseas market expansion, expand the core product portfolio, in order to speed up the NVC brand in overseas market expansion, but also active in overseas mergers and acquisitions; 4, focus on the ” R & D led fluorescent lights products to enhance the Group in the domestic and overseas market share of led fluorescent lights lighting market, a led fluorescent lights lighting products industry leader.

Business plan: 1, the introduction of the field of production and procurement “amoeba” business ideas, and promote the production base of the contract responsibility system, supply chain management to establish a supplier of grading system, optimize the supplier team; 2, continue to promote business diversification 3, 2016 will focus on the development of the United Kingdom, Australia and the Middle East market, the Middle East market, the commercial and government projects in the investment as the core, plans in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the United Arab Emirates, the United Arab Emirates, the United Arab Emirates, , Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and Indonesia and other markets to add 5 8 stores; 4, R & D work will be two pronged approach, on the one hand the development of market potential and high tech led fluorescent lights lighting products; the other hand, the introduction of assessment mechanisms, Through the information technology to strengthen the management of product life cycle.

Op lighting to expand led fluorescent lights lighting business diversified distribution channels

August 19, Op lighting officially listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, after the announcement of the listing notice and 2016 semi annual financial report shows that from January to June 2016, Op lighting operating income of 2.234 billion yuan, an increase over the previous period 22.65%; attributable to the parent company’s net profit of 183 million yuan, an increase of 33.58% last year. Op lighting to “light to create value” for the mission, is committed to the continuous development of high application value, high tech content, environmental protection and energy saving green lighting products, starting stock fund raising will also be used for green lighting production, lighting research and development center construction projects.

Development strategy: 1, in a solid traditional energy saving lighting market leader, under the premise of Op into a large number of resources committed to the development of led fluorescent lights lighting business, led fluorescent lights lighting applications R & D strength; 2, the face of international and domestic lighting market growing Product quality and brand awareness, Op will continue to strengthen R & D investment and technical strength, and further enhance the value of the product mining and brand; 3, optimize the diversification of distribution channels and output in the firm and deepen the company’s distribution channel advantages At the same time, through strengthening the commercial, e commerce, overseas channels of investment and construction, enhance the company’s channel penetration and three dimensional coverage.

2, the channel construction and branding programs, the domestic market, the existing distributors, the development of new products, the development of new products, the development of new products, Will continue to provide sales promotion support and sales in accordance with specific market size and dealer sales growth of the appropriate increase in support of the overseas market, the company’s strategy is to emerging developing countries, home lighting market as the main target market; Expansion plans, construction and expansion in Wujiang City Economic Development Zone, Fen Hu large scale production and R & D base, mainly for new industrial production of led fluorescent lights lighting products.

Foshan lighting around the main industry into the field of lighting

May 5, Foshan Lighting grand launch of the new masterpiece “FSL Buddha as electrician”, a large scale into the electrical field. Recently, FSL Buddha electrician and heavy launch of the “strategic investment partnership program” to the old and new dealers to recruit 60 shareholders. At present, Foshan Lighting to determine and publicize the “FSL Buddha as the first batch of electrical strategic investment partners list.”

Development strategy: Foshan Lighting will continue to adhere to professional development path, around the main lighting products, market demand oriented, technological innovation as the driving force to brand management as the core, by doing a good job of products, improve efficiency, the establishment of effective coverage Of the domestic and international market network, comprehensively enhance the quality of Foshan lighting business and sustainable development capacity, to become the country’s first lighting brand.

2, domestic sales, the consolidation of the existing distribution channels, the advantages of continuing to focus on the construction of specialty stores, to promote the development of new products, market research and development, Channels, engineering business channels, electricity providers and retail channels and other new sales channels; 3, the export side, continue to do a good customer management and service work, and strengthen overseas sales force, innovation overseas sales model; 4, improve production automation , To promote industrial upgrading; optimize the management system, improve efficiency; 5, strengthen corporate culture, optimize human resource management.

Solar lighting in 2020 to achieve sales of “billions of dollars” target

July 12, Sunlight 2016 semi annual results notice, is expected to be attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit compared with the same period last year will increase to 10% 40%, led fluorescent lights light source and lamp products to maintain steady growth in revenue. It is reported that in 2015, sunshine performance to achieve “double harvest”, operating income of 4.258 billion yuan, an increase of 30.97%; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of about 372 million yuan, an increase of 29.00%.

Development strategy: Sunlight is guided by market development, technological innovation as the driving force, brand management as the core, energy saving and environmental protection lighting as the mainstream products, vigorously develop the lighting industry, become the leading domestic and world class integrated lighting solutions provider ; Through years of efforts to achieve sales revenue in 2020 “billions of dollars” target, 2016 plans to 4.8 billion in revenue, net profit of 400 million yuan. At the same time, Sunlight efforts to achieve the two strategic objectives: 1, to lead the market demand for product advantages, with the core technology design led fluorescent lights product chain, the formation of the market terminal and guide the status of lighting industry; 2, the market advantage to promote the company continued growth.

Business plan: Sunlight management on the one hand the implementation of the Board of Directors to develop annual business objectives, on the other hand should also focus on operating quality objectives of the requirements, the company healthy and sustainable development. In 2016, Sunshine Lighting Group also set up innovation and support fund, the initial scale of 40 million yuan, reward in product innovation, market innovation, technological innovation, manufacturing innovation, management innovation and other fields to innovation projects and innovation team.

At the same time, 2016 Sunshine focus on doing the following aspects: 1, speed up product innovation; 2, to speed up production efficiency; 3, to accelerate market model innovation; 4, to accelerate the management model change; 5, strengthen cost control efforts; 6, to strengthen risk control efforts; 7, to strengthen personnel training efforts.

National Star led fluorescent lights forward on the middle and lower reaches of the vertical integration strategy

August 18, the National Star “2016 semi annual report summary” shows that the first half operating income of more than 10 billion yuan, up 16.36% over the same period last year. National Star said that the country Star in the Rising support of the company, is committed to creating a comprehensive development of the led fluorescent lights business, deep plowing led fluorescent lights display, lighting, backlighting and other fields.

Development strategy: National Star in the development process will be long term adherence to the implementation of the following core strategy, to become the mainland’s leading comprehensive led fluorescent lights industry: 1, globalization strategy: vigorously corporate image building, improve domestic and international brand awareness, improve the global 2, vertical integration strategy: continue to promote “based on the package, bigger and stronger, taking into account the vertical integration of upstream and downstream development” of the enterprise development strategy; 3, innovation strategy: training and training first class technical backbone of the team; 3, automation strategy: to increase investment in automation and intelligent production; 4, differentiated development strategy: study new areas, product differentiation in the homogenization of the implementation of competitive differentiation strategy; 5, information strategy: a sound cover the entire production and sales Management of the integration and platform of ERP management information system.

2, to enhance internal and external management capabilities, in a solid foundation of the existing organizational structure, and further establish and improve, improve the quality of the management of the company’s business development and innovation, Flexible and efficient modern management system; 3, strengthen brand promotion, optimize the marketing network at home and abroad; 4, to promote the advantages of the industrial chain, enhance the company’s ability to resist risks; 5, strengthen corporate culture, the implementation of positive talent strategy.

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Rectangular Group to cultivate advantages, outward industry extension

In March this year, the original rectangular lighting changed its name to Shenzhen Mayor Group Co., Ltd. In June, to 100 million yuan to set up wholly owned subsidiary of the former Shenzhen Changhai Education Management Co., Ltd. In July, to 400 million yuan to participate in the establishment Education Industry M & A Fund.

Development strategy: Rectangle Group is the leading white led fluorescent lights packaging company, has been focused on the led fluorescent lights lighting market, has been basically completed led fluorescent lights light source packaging production base, led fluorescent lights lighting production base, led fluorescent lights mobile lighting production base of the industrial chain layout will be assessed Choose to enter the new company for the future development of new industries. The future, the rectangle group will continue to take advantage of inward cultivation and outward development of industrial extension of the dual initiatives in the led fluorescent lights and large health, education, intelligent manufacturing and other emerging industries actively looking for high quality targets, through the integration of the group’s leaps and bounds Development.

Business plan: Rectangle Group, combined with led fluorescent lights industry development status and trends, with the company in the led fluorescent lights industry, the accumulation of experience and advantages in the light source packaging technology and new market development and development, OEM business, overseas lighting market, intelligent health lighting, PPP project lighting and other areas of energy and open up new horizons.

Kingsun photoelectric “education and lighting” double forward

This year, Kingsun to issue shares and pay cash, the price of 20 billion acquisition of Guangzhou Longwen education, generous march and layout of the field of education. Kingsun Optoelectronics will achieve the semiconductor lighting products and K12 counseling services, the main business of the layout of the two, so that Guangzhou Longwen education technology on the basis of the existing to achieve leapfrog development in the business scale, brand building and financing capacity Have been significantly improved.

Development strategy: 1, in the “semiconductor lighting + Internet + private cloud + Internet of Things” both a high degree of integration of products on the basis of diligence continue to expand the wisdom of light sources wider application scenarios and product channels, improve the company’s brand of light source product brand recognition Knowled fluorescent lightsge and income share; 2, in order to meet the needs of strategic transformation and industrial upgrading, to promote the company’s platform for the gradual development of transformation goals; 3, and strive to endogenous extension of dual wheel drive and other multi path line to speed up the online education industry layout, The Overall Layout and Integration of Educational Industry Chain.

Business plan: 1, Kingsun will continue to optimize the original main business layout, a planned high end product development, and gradually enter the high end market development goals; 2, the future will be completed in the acquisition of Guangzhou Longwen better Integrated to play Longwen existing business advantages on the basis of a comprehensive optimization of the company’s Longwen strategic management of profitability and sustainable development capacity, while the company will increase the quality of resources to the education industry tilt; 3, to develop a positive Talent strategy, based on the long term development goals, the recruitment of all Xiancai.

11 led fluorescent lights business development strategy

Snow Wright industry integration “light technology applications and consumer electronics”

This year, snow Wright in the field of intelligent unmanned aerial vehicles can be described as happy again and again in the United States, Germany and other places set up overseas companies, snow Wright led fluorescent lights lighting applications in the main business on the basis of active layout smart manufacturing industry to achieve “light Technology applications and consumer electronics, “the industry consolidation.

Development Strategy: Based on the current macroeconomic environment and industry development trend, Shellett is committed to capital market opportunities, actively promoting internal and external resources integration, establishing “endogenous growth and external development” of integrated M & A development; through in depth implementation of the Board of Directors Self management, self development and self development “, and comprehensively promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and new industries, and the development of optical industry and consumer electronics industry, to develop into the world’s leading Committed to “light technology applications and consumer electronics” industry integration of high tech enterprises.

2, improve the product system, expand the scale of business, enrich the existing main business segment product line; 3, the integration of advantages of resources to accelerate the expansion of capital (1) to strengthen internal and external cooperation, and quickly promote the brand, channel construction around the main business; To strengthen the company management, enhance operational strength; 5, improve the talent management system to protect the implementation of the strategy; 6, to speed up the equity investment project construction, enhance profitability (Finance News http://www.agile news.com/). .

Jia Wei shares “led fluorescent lights + PV power plant,” the development of dual main industry

August 12, Jia Wei shares 2016 semi annual report shows that the total operating income of 1.299 billion yuan, up 220.14% over the same period; attributable to parent company net profit of 122 million, an increase of 1966.43% over the same period last year, the main Reason Jiawei shares and table Huayuan new energy due. All along, the positive distribution of resources Jiawei integration of resources, and now has formed a “photovoltaic, lighting, photovoltaic + lighting” go hand in hand situation.

Development strategy: the next few years, Jia Wei will take full advantage of the company’s R & D and overseas channels and brand advantages, and gradually increase the proportion of high end products, and vigorously develop smart home and intelligent security products; and seize the favorable historical opportunity, Increase investment in the field of photovoltaic power stations, to build a good core competitiveness of the team. At the same time, comply with industry trends, seize market opportunities, accelerate the realization of “photovoltaic, lighting, photovoltaic + lighting” business go hand in hand and coordinated development strategy.

2, led fluorescent lights business, will continue to optimize the advantages of resources, continue to increase the “smart security wall” promotion efforts; 3, led fluorescent lights business, will continue to optimize the advantages of resources, continue to increase “smart security wall” promotion efforts; 3, Graphene technology applications, will actively focus on the development trend of the industry to strengthen the existing direction of the application of research; 4 to further strengthen the construction of talent echelon.

San An optoelectronics to create an internationally competitive semiconductor manufacturers

On August 2, San An announced that the acquisition of US GCSHOLDINGS, INC. 100% stake in the original decision of US $ 226 million was not approved by the US. The two sides decided to jointly fund the establishment of a joint venture company. This is an important step in the internationalization of the three optoelectronic layout semiconductor.

Development strategy: the three focus on optoelectronic silicon carbide, gallium arsenide, gallium nitride, sapphire and other semiconductor materials involved in the extension, the chip as the core main industry bigger and stronger; promote led fluorescent lights industry development, extension and application areas; Promote gallium arsenide, gallium nitride integrated circuit business, accelerate the pace of international development, build an internationally competitive semiconductor manufacturers.

2, to ensure the smooth development of semiconductor integrated circuit business; 3, led fluorescent lights application products to open up the company’s customers, increase the sustained heavy volume of applications in specific areas; 4 to promote the development of new products, 5, actively adjust the sales customer structure, expand sales channels and improve the profitability of the company; 6, to strengthen the company’s own patented technology applications and protection, improve the internal, to improve the company’s profitability; Control, optimize the production process, reduce costs, establish a brand, enhance product profit point, to ensure that the company to maximize the benefits.

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