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T8 Led Tube 4Ft 1.2M 16W 188-200Lm Per Watt Tcob Mcob Cob 4 Foot Ra>85 36Inch Pf>0.98 120Cm Vde Ce Rohs Ul Listed 1200Mm

T8 Led Tube 4Ft 1.2M 16W 188-200Lm Per Watt Tcob Mcob Cob 4 Foot Ra>85 36Inch Pf>0.98 120Cm Vde Ce Rohs Ul Listed 1200Mm

SKU: 1.2m-16w-t8

0.6m 8w t8 1.5m 23w t8 0.6m 8w t5 1.2m 16w t5 1.2m 24w t5 1.5m 24w t5 1.5m 36w t5 t8 led tube t5 led tube led tube
¡öTechnology and Patent: Incorporate CSP, TCOB, MCOB packaging
¡öLuminous Efficacy: up to 150-200lumens per watt for the finished LED tube
¡öHeat Dissipation: Unique CSP, TCOB, MCOB packaging and BOSS fuel
¡öHigh Voltage Withstand: Up to 4000V for the whole LED Tube fluorescent

16 watt (65 watt replacement) 4ft Medium G13 Base LED T8 1200mm bulb fluorescent tubes
CSP TCOB (MCOB2th) Chips Packaging Technology
Whole Luminous Efficacy reach 150-200lumens per watt
Ra>85, PF>0.95
Lasts up to 50,000 hours
Color offering (3000K, 4100K, 6000K)
CE ROHS VDE UL qualified
Direct Fcatory Price
The Only and Unique CSP TCOB(MCOB) Led tube light Supplier in the world(Patent)

Csp Tcob Led Tube Test Report, Ies File, Decay Report

tcob tcob   tcob

TCOB vs SMD Comparison

  • Description

    Product Description

    1. Save 90% on your electricity bill! (150-200lumens per watt)
    2. Replace 36-72W fluorescent tubes by 8-23W LED!
    3. Reduce re-lamp frequency with a lifetime of more than 50,000 rated hours! (45 years with 3 hours per day 365 days)

    Led tube T8 16W Fluorescent Light Specifications
    Series Name: T8 Led tube light fluorescent bulbs TCOB, CSP
    Type: Led Fluorescent Tube T8 Light
    Fluorescent Led Tube Length (Inches):600mm, 2ft, 2 foot, 48 inch
    Fluorescent Led Tube Shape: Linear, Shop, Garage, Commercial, Industrial, Kitchen, Factory, Retail, Malls, Supermarkets
    Fluorescent Led Tube Voltage: 120V, 277V
    Fluorescent Led Tube Wattage: 16W
    Bulk Buy: YES
    Connecter Type: G13
    Color Temperature (Kelvins): 3000K-6500K
    Material: Aluminum & PC
    Dimmable: No
    Lampshade: Transparent, Frost, Milky
    Certificates Qualified: CE, ROHS, VDE, UL listed
    Indoor,Outdoor: For indoor or enclosed outdoor use only
    Light Bulb Base Type: Medium bi-pin (T8)
    Light Color: Bright Warm, Bright Cool, Bright Natural
    Rated Life (Hours): 50000hrs
    Ballast Type Compatible: Electronic
    Plug-In Type: Medium bi-pin
    Wattage Equivalent: 65
    Warranty: 3-5 years limited
    Item Package Quantity: 20pcs per carton, 30pcs per carton
    Special Features: Instant On
    Usage: General purpose
    Batteries Required:No

    Commercial Shop Lights Fluorescent Led tube T8 16W Features
    T8 fluorescent LED tube lights direct replacement with fixtures for fluorescent T8 tubes
    Easily converting existing T8 fluorescent fixture to an energy effiecient LED tube fluorescent t8 t5 fixtures
    Produces light luminous flux output of 150-200lumens per watt while using only 8-watts
    Cool white 4000K color temperature, Warm 3100K
    Energy efficient bulb led tube operates at only 16-watt, equivalent to a 65-watt fluorescent bulb tubes
    Lasts up to 50,000 hours with a 5 year warranty
    LED fluorescent T8 lamps contain no mercury
    UL listed suitable for damp location installation
    Operates directly off existing T8 electronic ballasts, quick and easy installation
    Only 90% energy consumption compared to fluorescent tubes
    Full safety features and EM Protector safety device
    Premium frosting prevents pixilation when viewed from side angles
    Safety coated to meet NSF-2 requirements for service applications
    Replace fluorescent T8 and T12 lamps
    No lamp holder replacement or rewiring of lamp holders required
    Easy 5-step installation with wire nut quick connects (included)

    1. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly, high brightness
    2. Seismic, impact resistance, non-thermal radiation, safe and stable, reliable
    3. It could emit soft white light
    4. The lamp tube is easy to install or dismantle
    5. Equipped with a shell, the lamp can be well protected
    6. Suitable for home, library, exhibition lighting and the office of the occasion
    7. CE, FCC, ROHS and PSE certified
    8. Can be powered by single end or dual ends

    About the csp, tcob, mcob technology led fluorescent tube T8 16w

    Importantly and uniquely developed and made originally in CHINA direct factory with the only one who holds the tcob, mcob, csp patent in led tube lights applications.

    -Latest and most updated technology CSP, TCOB, MCOB, COB, reaches 200lumens per watt
    -Replaces fluorescent tube bulbs.
    -Reduce your energy costs.
    -Energy-efficient long-lasting LED replacement for fluorescent bulbs.
    -Energy-efficient, long-lasting and non-toxic LED bypass tubes.
    -Eliminates ballast buzzing and humming or lamp flickering.
    -Bright white to replace all fluorescent bulbs in T8 or T12 style fixtures.

    – Overall length: 1200mm, 4ft, 48″, 4 foot
    – Bulb Tube Diameter: 26mm
    – Overall Product Weight: 230g n.w., 260g g.w.


    Replaces fluorescent tube bulbs
    Reduce your energy costs
    Energy-efficient long-lasting LED replacement for fluorescent bulbs
    Energy-efficient, long-lasting and non-toxic LED bypass tubes
    Eliminates ballast buzzing and humming or lamp flickering
    Bright white to replace all fluorescent bulbs in T8 or T12 style fixtures

    Package Includes
    1 x Led Tube
    600mm 40pcs x 1 carton
    1200mm 40pcs x 1 carton
    1500mm 30pcs x 1 carton

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    1.2m 16w t8

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