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Fluorescent Light

The world’s first CSP LED tube light, using the latest flip chip technology,  the whole tube light to achieve thousands of chips package.

The world’s first transparent ceramic substrate LED tube lights,  to achieve a true sense of the 360 ° full light,  the whole light efficiency 120-200lm/w,  easy to replace the traditional LED tube fluorescent.

The world’s first high power T8 LED fluorescent60cm LED tube can reach 24W power120cm LED tube can reach 48W power150cm LED tube to 60W power.

The world’s first high power T5 LED light55cm tube light can reach 16W power115cm tube light can reach 36W power, 145cm tube light to 48W power.

The world’s first truly safe LED tube lighting,  the whole tube lighting using advanced fire-rated plastic PVC and ceramic materials,  without any aluminum metal material,  LED tube lighting chip temperature does not exceed 45 degrees,  easily over 4500V high voltage test,  extremely safe.


CSP packaging technology,  The only one unique which also means Flip Chip Packaging in fluorescent led lights,  with transparent ceramic substrate in Wanban and widely applicated into led tube light t8,  led light bulb t8 etc..

This is a tube that will break the fluorescent lighting era and record in the led lighting business,even win in the global fluorescent lighting replacmenet revolution!

T8fluorescent.com, also can be called as Fujian Wanban Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd, which belongs to Longseese Group and is speaclized in high end led light chip sources packaging and brightest commercia indoor led lights like led tube lights, led light bulbs applications.

As a direct led tube light manufacturer and supplier of led tube light specialist, Wanban is famous for its focus and concentration on research and development of led light source packaging and related commercial industrial shoping malls supermarkets kitchens supermarkets lighting applications. We have been working on the lighting business since 1993, being the first to come up with the famous technology of MCOB, TCOB, CSP technology of led tube lights and led light bulbs, and the 3+1 service model, which is commercial lighting plan, business lighting solution, lighting solution service and best energy saving contract management. Our service and led tube lights products are sincerely world-wide globally from various kinds of commercial buildings, giant shopping malls, department stores, merchandise streets, specialized market, boutique supermarkets and some other retail industry businesses. We already built long-term and stable strategic cooperation relations with the AEG Group Germany and UAE, Afriso-sea Group Indonesia, Hero Group Indonesia, Kanlux Poland, GES Philippine, AUCHAN Supermarkets and malls Shanghai Branch, Chinese Academy of Science Fujian Branch, Yonghui Supermarket Fujian Branches and many more malls in interior led lighting of led tube t8, t5, bulb, spot lights fixtures replacements.

Meanwhile, Wanban subordinates many diversified-gathered one-step service platform from self-owned led chips design, led chips packaging, led chips fluorescent podwer labortatory, led assembly lines, led drivers research department, led light test and research manchines that are imported from overseas.This ensures wanban control the whole quality of its patent technology of MCOB, TCOB and CSP technology, as well as make the best quality but most competitive prices for customers around the world. Every customer we are having now is very satisfied with our factory and all the departments in quality control, and they feel released that finally there is one factory they feel no worry when living in the another part of the world. Our sales are welcomed by customers in all parts of the country and abroad, also we are devoted ourselves to expansion and development on overseas market. Only keeping pace with the times can we have a solid foundation and bright future. In addition to our continued contribution on led light tubes developments, we also are making more and more excellent lighting replacements cases and outstanding works.

In the time of forging a strong team, we also absord and accept a batch of senior and internationlized lighting designers and researchers who are from HK, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and some other professors from Peking University and Fudan University.

We now have about 800 employees in total, they are business planners, building calculations, sales, engineering technicians, management poeple and some other professional workers. Our superiority to the market on the same lighting business is service and quality, and also applicated the ISO9001 Quality Management Systems, products are tested and passed by CE, RoHs, VDE, TUV, UL, DLC certifiates, this brings buildings and real estate places with the injection of lighting concept of science, high-value added and standard.

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2016 hight quality tube5 japanese 1500mm t5 led tube with 22w smd2835 compare cob led tube lights t8 t5 cheap fluorescent light , they stay cool to the touch unlike regular bulbs. once more, fantastic for me, as i have a behavior of burning myself on regular bulbs when i change a blown 1 without thinking. if you have children as well like me it means that those fiddly fingers aren’t’ heading to get hurt both. 150cm led fluorescent lamp with ce rohs led daylight lamp led tube t8 led lighting , led lighting has two main types. the flood style is good for lights outdoors of your house. For your bed room, get your self led bulbs getting a globe shape. adjustable ceiling light fixture , 28 watt led t8 health benefits of salt lamps , small black table lamp surface mounted light fittings .

Secret you do not know the LED flip chip(CSP) technology

LED industry’s focus is on LED lighting applications, especially the wisdom of lighting and health lighting LED lighting into a new market focus. LED lighting market, spawned a number of emerging technologies, such as COB LED, LED chips without packaging and LED flip chip(CSP) technology has aroused widespread concern in the industry.

LED itself has a huge product advantages and good prospects for the future development of the industry, which is the fact that has been widely recognized, will not repeat them here. We focus on the current state of the industry. Exactly, ten years, LED in the Chinese market, there is no red fire too! LED lighting is indeed energy-saving, but higher than the energy-saving lamps 5-8 times the price, the user has always wandered in and out of the crossroads. But with the progress of technology, cost reduction and national policy-driven, and now this situation has improved, LED lamps are gradually into our daily lives, from LED lights, LED decorative lights, LED lamps and other market prices, sales We will be able to see one or two.

However, the comprehensive analysis of a variety of industry data, we know that the domestic LED industry, strictly speaking, is more and more tend to oversupply situation, the market is placed in front of the enterprise has not only technical and financial issues, the greater the The problem is the market, the market determines the rise and fall of an industry. From the current LED industry trends can be seen, LED industry, the focus is on LED lighting applications, especially the wisdom of lighting and health lighting LED lighting into a new market focus. LED lighting market, spawned a number of emerging technologies, such as COB LED, LED chips without packaging and LED flip chip(CSP) technology has aroused widespread concern in the industry.

Recently, electronic enthusiasts invited LED electronic lighting, optical digital advocates and practitioners, LED packaging intelligent integration module field of senior technical staff Mr. Xu Zhengrong, with many LED industry to exchange and discuss LED flip chip(CSP) technology and the difficulty of Practical value.

Mr. Xu Zhengrong explain in simple terms to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of flip chip LED. Mr. Xu Zhengrong said that, in general, the flip-chip technology has obvious advantages, flip chip and installed compared to the chip, it has better cooling function; At the same time, we have to adapt to the flip-chip design , Chip technology, chip graphics design. Chip products with low voltage, high brightness, high reliability, high saturation current density, etc .; plus can be integrated in the flip-chip substrate protection circuit, the chip reliability and performance significantly help; In addition, Compared with the vertical structure, the use of flip-chip welding method, easier to achieve ultra-high-power chip-level module, a variety of functions integrated chip light source technology, LED chip module yield and performance have a greater advantage.
At the meeting also analyzed the flip chip LED chip on the impact of the traditional. Mr. Xu Zhengrong said that flip chip technology is very popular concept, its advantages I believe we all know. But now the biggest reason for not universal four points:

First, any new technology will take some time to explore will be formed, the final decision by the market before his life.

Second, the flip-chip LED subversion of the traditional process, from the chip until the package, this will require higher equipment, took the package said, can do flip-chip front-end equipment costs will increase a lot, which set The threshold, so that some companies simply can not come into contact with this technology.

Third, the flip-chip LED technology and materials in the process there are still imperfections, such as in the flip-chip LED technology and gold wire thickness, high temperature conditions, determines the flip-chip LED in the reflow, it is easy Because the temperature is too high led to death lights, which to some extent determines the practical value of flip-chip LED and market acceptance.

Fourth, the price is too high is a very important constraint.

About LED light source modular Xu Zhengrong also put forward their own unique thinking, what is LED light source modular? According to Xu Zhengrong said, LED light source, cooling components and drive power assembly molding, integrated to complete the “light, electricity, heat,” high-integrated assembly. This makes the product becomes simple, cheap, is a trend in the future development of semiconductor lighting. By modularizing the LED light source, it is possible to reduce the intermediate link from the chip to the system. If the intelligent driver into the LED light source module inside, will be able to easily implement intelligent LED lighting, cost reduction and manufacturing process greatly promote the rapid development of LED lighting industry.

LED technology in the salon scene, Mr. Xu Zhengrong will also produce their own LED light source module with 220V AC power directly to the city lit, and a very low price shocked the venue participants. In a short period of two hours of communication, we have been around Mr. Xu Zhengrong, constantly asking questions, the atmosphere is very warm. In particular, 220V AC LED lights up after the city, it is the climax of the venue atmosphere.

Finally, Mr. Xu Zhengrong said, I do led lighting, I focus on light, concerned about the use of interior decoration, green light, to provide comfortable light, to promote health with light. Refused to light pollution. Against flicker led lighting concept. Support the traditional theory of light against the traditional lighting theory imposed on the led lighting.

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Incandescent, fluorescent, energy-saving lamps and LED lights the advantages and disadvantages and differences

In daily life, we often come into contact with incandescent, fluorescent, energy-saving lamps and LED lights that concept. But what do you really know about these lights? Do you know how they work? Do you know their strengths and weaknesses? Here let us popularize the knowledge of these lights.

Incandescent lamp

Incandescent lamp, also known as light bulbs, and its working principle is the current through the filament (tungsten wire, the melting point of more than 3000 degrees Celsius) heat, spiral filament will continue to heat up, making the filament temperature of 2000 degrees Celsius, filament in incandescent State, like the red-hot iron can emit the same light. The higher the temperature of the filament, the brighter the light is. So called incandescent lamp. Incandescent light, a lot of electricity will be converted into heat, only a very small part (probably less than 1%, not calculated) can be converted into useful light energy.
Incandescent light emitted is full-color light, but a variety of color components of the proportion of light-emitting substances (tungsten) and the temperature of the decision. The proportion of imbalance led to the color of light color cast, so the incandescent lamp under the color of the object is not real enough.

Incandescent lamp life with the temperature of the filament, because the higher the temperature, the filament the easier sublimation. Fluorescent lamp black ends of the process is: tungsten sublimation directly into the tungsten gas, the tungsten gas temperature encountered in the lower wall of the lamp and condensation in the wall of the lamp and black, when the tungsten sublimation to a smaller Thin, the power is easy to blow after, thus ending the lamp life. So the greater the power of incandescent lamp.

Fluorescent lamps

Fluorescent lamps, also known as fluorescent, it works: fluorescent tube is simply a closed gas discharge tube. The main gas is argon (argon) gas (neon neon or krypton krypton) pressure of about 0.3% of the atmosphere. Also contains a few drops of mercury – the formation of trace amounts of mercury vapor. Mercury atoms account for about one-thousandth of all gas atoms.
Fluorescent tubes rely on the mercury atoms of the lamp, the process of gas discharge by the release of ultraviolet light (the main wavelength of 2537 Egypt = 2537 × 10-10m). About 60% of the electrical energy consumed can be converted to UV light. The other energy is converted to heat.

Fluorescent lamp by the fluorescent surface of the fluorescent material to absorb ultraviolet light after the release of visible light. Different fluorescent substances emit different visible light. In general, the conversion efficiency of visible light to ultraviolet light is about 40%. Therefore, the efficiency of the fluorescent lamp is about 60% × 40% = 24% – about the same power tungsten wire lamp twice.

Energy – saving lamps

Energy-saving lamp, also known as compact fluorescent lamp (CFL lamp) has the advantages of high luminous efficiency (5 times of ordinary bulb), energy-saving effect is obvious, long life (8 times the ordinary bulb), small size, easy to use. It works basically the same as the fluorescent lamp.

In addition to energy-saving lamps white (cold light), there are still *** (warm light). In general, under the same wattage, an energy-saving lamps 80% energy saving than incandescent, the average life expectancy of 8 times, thermal radiation is only 20%. Non-stringent circumstances, a 5-watt energy-saving lamp light can be seen as equivalent to 25-watt incandescent lamp, 7-watt energy-saving lamp light is about equal to 40 watts, 9 watts is equal to about 60 watts.

LED lights

LED light (Light Emitting Diode), also known as light-emitting diodes, which is a solid-state semiconductor devices, can be directly into electricity into light. LED’s heart is a semiconductor chip, the chip attached to a bracket at one end, one end is the cathode, the other end of the power supply is connected to the cathode, so that the entire chip is epoxy encapsulated. The semiconductor wafer consists of three parts, one part is a P-type semiconductor, in which the hole is dominant, the other end is the N-type semiconductor, where the main electron, the middle is usually 1 to 5 cycles of quantum wells. When the current through the wire acting on the wafer when the electrons and holes will be pushed to the quantum well, the electrons in the quantum well with hole recombination, and then will be issued in the form of photon energy, which is the principle of LED light.
LED lamps with small size, low power consumption, long life, non-toxic environmental protection and many other advantages, LED lighting from the outdoor decoration, lighting, and gradually developed into home lighting.